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Strip clubs – for couples?

29 August 2013 5 comments

Last Saturday I asked my girlfriend Trace if she'd like to go for dinner that night at our favorite restaurant. After responding with an enthusiastic "yes" she asked me if I'd like to take her to a strip club after dinner. I could barely contain my excitement and asked hesitantly if it was a trick question. We'd never been to a strip club together. I had to reign in my eagerness before telling Trace I was happy to take her.

Chrissy Lane - ex Penthouse Pet and Miss Nude UniverseChrissy Lane - ex Penthouse Pet and Miss Nude Universe

It was 10PM on Saturday night and Trace and I were sitting in sumptuous lounge chairs at the foot of the stage at the Voodoo Lounge in Perth (my favourite strip club). Almost within touching distance were two gorgeous naked girls entertaining us and fellow wide eyed avid onlookers. In between performing gravity defying acts spinning around the poles the girls demonstrated their amazing flexibility on the floor. And one of them impressed us so much with her ability to shake her ass to the point we were convinced it rivaled Shakira's gyrating booty.

The vodka, lime and sodas went going down well...too well in fact. The very attractive hostess checked with us every few minutes to ensure we had a drink at hand and of course that we had a fist full of tipping dollars (the bar currency). The dancers were raking in the tipping dollars fast! They both had thigh high (actually they were high thigh) garters where we could stuff tipping dollars during their performance. Trace was a little nervous when at one stage one of the dancers, who was extremely busty (real not silicone), insisted that Trace place the tipping dollars underneath her pendulous breasts. A great party trick!

Why do people go to a strip club? Usually it's to be entertained but sometimes guys go because they're obsessed with one of the dancers. Years ago I was invited by a Hustler Centrefold to take her along to a strip club in Kings Cross Sydney where she danced on a regular basis. I stood back from the stage and watched during the night how she 'worked' the crowd who were dishing out tipping dollars to her like they'd just won lotto. The fact was there were many regulars who came to see her each week where they sat mesmerized and in love...or so they thought. They all believed they had a chance of taking her home that night. It was quite incredulous how she sucked so much money out of them. Unfortunately for the guys it wasn't literally! At the end of the night she sashayed over to each guy, kissed him affectionately on the cheek and purred in his ear how she couldn't wait to see him next week. She may as well also have said "bring lots of money honey". Later she confided in me that she never went home with anyone from the club. Apart from the fact that guys would want her to give up dancing at the club she simply didn't want to mix business and pleasure. All she wanted from these guys was their money.

On the night we were at the Voodoo Lounge there were two groups of guys for different bucks parties. You can always tell the buck at a strip club from the look on their face, from what they're wearing and from the fact they're usually the centre of attention. They've been drinking before they get to the club and they know their buddies are going to ensure they have a great night. These days anyone attending a buck's party could only hope it turns out to be similar to the Hangover movies. Those movies still crack me up when I watch repeats!

Voodoo LoungeVoodoo Lounge

Of course the buck normally gets pulled up on stage where a stripper normally does a very seductive strip for him. He's usually made to sit on a chair to start with. Later he's often laying semi naked on the floor covered with whipped cream, or something else to suitably embarrass him, with one or two strippers hovering over him. At this stage most bucks are petrified someone might take a photo that his soon-to-be wife will eventually see. Note the Voodoo Lounge has a policy of no cameras or mobile phones permitted near the performers. It's actually to protect the performers not the bucks.

Five or six years ago I ended up at the Windmill strip club in Perth (now called the Voodoo Lounge that's been relocated) for my ex-business partner Rod's bucks party. I was his best man. Traditionally the best man organizes the buck's party (as I did on this case). Men attending bucks parties generally adhere to a strict 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' approach to post discussion of the event. Whilst I won't go into details in relation to Rod's bucks party I can say that he ended up with his pants and jocks down, bent over a chair up on stage, with a glamorous naked dancer using Rod's belt to belt his ass so hard, that it was bringing tears of pain to his eyes (& tears of laughter to mine). It's all fun until someone gets hurt! At the time the boys and I thought it was hilarious seeing Rod up on stage getting belted (although I was concerned she was going to use the buckle end of the thick leather belt). I was shocked, but still thought it was funny, the next day when Rod displayed the deep purple welts on his ass to me. Unfortunately Rod couldn't sit down for nearly a week and had to sleep on his stomach. Lucky for me it wasn't the best man's responsibility to remedy the problem.

So what does one do at a strip club other than tip dancers up on stage? Privates! Yes this is how girls make the big money. Privates at the Voodoo Lounge, and most strip clubs, are in a separate area where generally only you can see the girl. She performs a very seductive strip for you so close that you can smell her perfume. Trace and I had a few privates at the Voodoo Lounge on a couch big enough for both of us. We were both left in a bit of a daze after a stunning French girl performed one of the most provocative strips I've ever seen (a big call). Trace genuinely appreciated the sexiness of both the dancer and the private performance.

Western Australia's mining and resources boom over the last few years Perth has helped Perth become a 'must go there' destination for many national and international strippers. Perth strip clubs, like the Voodoo Lounge, now have some of the best strippers I've ever seen. I've judged many stripping competitions over the years and the best strippers don't always turn out to be the best looking girls. In fact it's often the case that the best looking girls aren't the best strippers. To be a great stripper they firstly need to be a great entertainer. They need to know how to seduce with their eyes, their body language and their facial expressions. It's amazing just how sexy a seductive, wicked or even an 'I want you' smile can be! How a girl performs on the pole or on the floor can make a huge difference to her ability to entertain. On that note it's interesting to see many pole dancing studios have sprung up around Perth and Australia over the last few years. Bobbi's Pole Studio in Perth is my favourite. Ladies from all ages and all walks of life do classes at Bobbi's to learn to tease and entertain (normally their husbands or boyfriends). It turns out many ladies have realised that a bit of naughtiness is great for keeping the spark alive in the bedroom.

I've been to strip clubs all over the world – Prague, Vienna, London, Berlin, Zurich, Hawaii, Phuket, New York, Las Vegas, LA, Miami and many other places. I have many stories to tell of so many great times but I really only have one bad story and that's of a night at a strip club in Vienna about 12 years ago. I went along with two business associates to the best strip club in Vienna. Locally it was referred to as a gentleman's club. Within an hour of two of arriving I found myself on a huge couch surrounded by a dozen or so gorgeous naked European girls mostly with Russian accents. I of course was happy to buy them all bottles of champagne as they suggested. In my defense I remember I was quite drunk and I was seduced by the whole experience. At the end of the night I asked for the bill. One of the girls brought it back a few minutes later. To my horror it was over 8,000 Euro ($13,000-14,000 back then). I told her there was an obvious mistake and to sort it out with the manager. I was then approached by the very attractive manageress who asked me if there was a problem with the bill. I insisted I'd been set up and refused to pay the bill. Her last words to me were "so you're not going to pay the bill" at which point I replied adamantly and defiantly "no definitely not". I leaned back with my arms outstretched along the couch feeling like King Kong.

So there I was on the couch when very unexpectantly I was hoisted in the air from behind by two huge very tall men in black suit and ties. I remember my feet were dangling off the ground when they shuffled me through a few doorways out into the back laneway and pushed me hard up against the wall. I was sure they had guns on them but I wasn't about to enquire. It wouldn't have mattered as both men were big and powerful and I was sure I couldn't out run them in my drunken stupor. Both men stood opposite me only a foot or so away with their arms crossed and one asked me in a thick Russian accent "is there a problem with the bill". The only response I could muster at this juncture was "do you take visa card'. Perhaps the local reference to this being a 'gentleman's club' wasn't quite correct. Seems I was an unsuspecting tourist who was stung by some Russian criminals.

If you've never been to a strip club before then I recommend you give it a go sometime (I suggest you're vigilant in the clubs in Vienna). If you're a couple looking for some extra excitement, as well as some provocative entertainment, then providing you have a few rules, and you don't have jealousy issues, then I advocate you venturing into a strip club. And if you want to amp up the excitement as a couple then I suggest she wears a dress or skirt with no panties and also inserts some orgasm/pleasure balls prior to getting to the club.

As always I'd love to hear your comments and feedback.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


Shaun 29 August 2013 at 1:39 pm
Great blog as usual Mel. You know its good read when your really busy and start reading something and its that interesting you read the whole thing through and are dissapointed that it wasnt long enough.
Fabogero 30 August 2013 at 2:21 pm
Stork when are you going to get a real job :-). Next time you invite your buddy :-)
Felicity Lockyer 30 August 2013 at 3:53 pm
Its funny Mal I met Justin out the front of Voodoo Lounge grin 3 years later still together and still enjoy going to a strip club..never planned just when it happens its always good WA has the finest in Voodoo :)
Chelle Fitzgerald 5 September 2013 at 2:24 pm
Haha I was at Voodoo Lounge on Thursday night with a couple from New Zealand that are friends of mine ... wild night!!
William Brown 23 August 2018 at 3:23 pm
This idea sounds interesting! I guess it's time to try a different adventure as a couple to enhance your sex life with your partner. It seems this one is a good idea.
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