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27 November 2018 5 comments

The world’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery is called labiaplasty, and it involves trimming and shaping of a woman’s external genitalia. With more and more women desiring the perfect “catalogue vagina,” this operation is on the rise not merely with adult women, but also teenage girls. One can’t help but wonder - will these ladies ever be truly satisfied with the procedure and does fixing something that isn’t broken give them the self-esteem boost they crave?

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28 September 2018 11 comments

Woody Allen famously said, “Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.” People are often lost when it comes to the myths and truths, the dos and don’ts and etiquette of a little self-loving. Are there really any health benefits to playing with yourself? How does it differ for men and women? What is deemed as “normal”? And how much is too much? Here are all the things you should know about masturbation.

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28 August 2018 3 comments

In our last blog, we looked at the infidelity patterns of men and women and outlined the main reasons women cheat. Today we will further examine our genetic makeup and discuss the main reasons men go astray and if being unfaithful is really in their hardwiring or if that is merely a cop-out they use.

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9 August 2018 6 comments

Stereotypically the wandering way is associated with the genetic makeup of the man. However present-day research reveals when it comes to cheating, the sexes are more equal than previously believed. Women seem to cheat as much as men; however, they do so for different reasons.

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23 May 2018 23 comments

You’ve all known someone who has been cheated on - a colleague, a friend, family member, perhaps even yourself or your partner. The betrayal from an extra marital encounter is so intensely personal and one of the most devastating emotions one can experience, yet the question remains: have we ever really attempted to understand infidelity? Maggie May speaks candidly about adultery and how your long-term relationship has the potential to actually benefit from betraying your partner.

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27 March 2018 25 comments

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what consensual sex means and doesn’t mean, but what happens when we throw the act of sleep in there? Can a sleeping person give consent, and if they can’t, is it considered an act of rape? Furthermore, is it a violation which only women have a privilege to and if so, why?

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1 March 2018 16 comments

It’s the 3rd most popular porn search in Australia, yet rumor has it that anatomically only a small percentage of women can do it. Luckily the rumor is just that. Yes every woman is perfectly capable of female ejaculation and here are 9 steps to help every girl cultivate her female sexual energy.

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8 February 2018 31 comments

Banned in porn films in the UK and Australia for its obscene nature, this controversial bodily fluid was once associated solely with male sexuality and penises. But the times are changing and finally the West is discovering a wet wild world ripe with mystery - but exactly what is female ejaculation?

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9 January 2018 8 comments

Our last article on Anal Sex certainly proved popular, with lots of comments and questions from those who indulge regularly, those who are a definite no, and those who were curious and would like to learn more. So, this time we're focusing on those who are new to backdoor loving with some helping tips on how to get started...

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19 October 2017 25 comments

A small survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute showed that 94% of women interviewed reported having a sexual orgasm when having anal sex. The amazing fact was that this number was higher for anal sex than for any other sexual act. The reality is that not all men are into anal and not all women object to it...

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