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As human beings, it is a natural instinct to crave passion and pleasure in our lives - especially when it comes to the bedroom! And here at we are all about helping people improve their sex life.

As the largest online store for adult sex toys, we are the passion and pleasure experts. With a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sex toys for both him and her and for couples, we are ready to help you unlock the key to a healthy sex life through this blog.

From the most intimate of sexual experiences to a wide range of broad subjects everyone can relate to, we hope by sharing some of our sex stories and advice we can help you reach sexual fulfilment.

Discussing the hottest topics and trends such as sexual fantasies and fetishes, cracking the case on sexual myths and relationship taboos, and reviewing the newest sex toys to hit the market, make our adult sex blog the first place you go to get all your sex tips and info.

10 September 2019 1 comment

Amongst the condoms, sex toys, and adult movies - the anal lubricant is a staple you need to add to your collection of sex accessories. Maggie May, our anal connoisseur, lists what you should look for and what to keep well away from when indulging in some booty play.

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2 April 2019 6 comments

The age-old joke says that a man should find a woman who's a maniac in the bedroom, one he can show off in public and one who's going to be a great mother to his children and a fantastic housekeeper. Punchline? The three should never meet! We ask today - how realistic is it for one woman to be all three?

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11 March 2019 6 comments

Have you ever heard of the saying “Couples who play together, stay together”? Well, I’m here to disprove all the folks out there who have your best interests in mind when they tell you watching erotica is debilitating for your psyche and cataclysmic for your relationship. Sharing erotica with your loved one can actually foster a deeper level of emotional and sexual intimacy.

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20 February 2019 6 comments

Every single one of us has that one (or more!) secret fantasy we don’t feel comfortable shouting out, yet we are dying to try out. So how do you tell your partner that you absolutely need to be double-y penetrated without being judged? Below are 9 fail-proof steps for introducing your partner to what really turns you on - no matter how weird.

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30 January 2019 1 comment

The act of beating the human body with special equipment is the loose definition of flogging, but it’s far more thrilling than it sounds!

You see, flogging is not as black and white as you may think. It’s a practice deeply rooted in the exchange of power, and sadistic and masochistic desires. For both parties, flogging is enjoyed mentally, physically, and or sexually.

And for those who are immensely intrigued to learn more about or to try flogging, here is the ultimate beginner’s guide to get you going!

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18 December 2018 1 comment

For any kind of event, big or small, it’s fair to say that an immense amount of planning is involved. Picture a wedding, a birthday party, or a trip abroad, for example. One cannot simply show up on the day and expect the big event to be a smashing success. And the same goes for sex!

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27 November 2018 9 comments

The world’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery is called labiaplasty, and it involves trimming and shaping of a woman’s external genitalia. With more and more women desiring the perfect “catalogue vagina,” this operation is on the rise not merely with adult women, but also teenage girls. One can’t help but wonder - will these ladies ever be truly satisfied with the procedure and does fixing something that isn’t broken give them the self-esteem boost they crave?

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28 September 2018 13 comments

Woody Allen famously said, “Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.” People are often lost when it comes to the myths and truths, the dos and don’ts and etiquette of a little self-loving. Are there really any health benefits to playing with yourself? How does it differ for men and women? What is deemed as “normal”? And how much is too much? Here are all the things you should know about masturbation.

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28 August 2018 5 comments

In our last blog, we looked at the infidelity patterns of men and women and outlined the main reasons women cheat. Today we will further examine our genetic makeup and discuss the main reasons men go astray and if being unfaithful is really in their hardwiring or if that is merely a cop-out they use.

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9 August 2018 6 comments

Stereotypically the wandering way is associated with the genetic makeup of the man. However present-day research reveals when it comes to cheating, the sexes are more equal than previously believed. Women seem to cheat as much as men; however, they do so for different reasons.

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