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X-10 Beads Black

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10 beads of orgasmic wonder! Experience the ultimate in backdoor pleasure with these sturdy but pliable graduated jelly anal beads with easy to use retrieval handle. X-tasy is easy to reach with the X-10 Beads!

Product Description

Made from soft but sturdy translucent jelly, these anal beads are the ultimate in backdoor pleasure. With an overall length of 31 cm (12"), this great strand features 10 beads graduated in size from 1 -3 cm in diameter. X-10 beads are easy to insert, always comfortable and the one-piece, sturdy moulded construction has a reliable ring at the end for easy retreival. Insert as many or as few beads as you desire and then pull them out at the point of climax for an orgasmic experience like no other. X-tasy is easy to reach with the X-10 Beads!

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Tech Specs

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Latest Review

  • Jared / 25 October, 2011
    Graduated beads roll around inside your ass feeling so great.
  • Andre / 25 October, 2011
    It gives me great pleasure to fuck my partner with these and see the look in her eyes as the beads penetrate her ass hole.
  • David / 25 October, 2011
    These basic beads are easy to use, mellow going in and orgasmic bumping its way out plus they're a piece of cake to clean!
  • Chloe / 25 October, 2011
    These X-10 Beads make my orgasms so much better!

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