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Elvie Kegel Exercise Tracker

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Meet Elvie, your personal Kegel Exercise Tracker! This award-winning Kegel Exercise Tracker is so simple to use, simply connect to the app and let Elvie track your progress!

Product Description

Your most personal trainer for stronger control and incredible sex!

Meet Elvie, your personal Kegel Exercise Tracker! This award-winning Kegel Exercise Tracker is so simple to use, simply connect to the app and let Elvie track your progress!

The Elvie experts have designed six unique exercises to give your pelvic floor a full workout in just five minutes! Less mindless squeezing with more measurable results that you can see as you train!

Your most personal trainer has four different levels, tailored to you; training, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Improve your strength each week and beat your own personal best!

Boasting breakthrough technology Elvie has been designed and patented in a way to measure the force and motion allowing you to visualize your exercises and even corrects your technique. It is difficult to exercise a muscle that you can’t see, but with Elvie as you squeeze you can see the little gem lifting through the app, allowing you to visualize your exercises in real-time.

The Elvie Trainer is the world’s smallest Kegel trainer, with an optional cover for custom sizing, making it super comfortable to wear. Made from the highest quality medial grade silicone and 100% waterproof ensuring Elvie is safe for your body and designed to last.

Elvie is conveniently rechargeable and comes in a discreet carry case that doubles as a wireless charger offering a battery life of up to a month.

Your pelvic floor is a group of hammock-like muscles (also known as your PC muscles) that support your internal organs. But your PC muscles also have a friskier function: they're the muscles responsible for the contractions you feel during orgasm! So, it makes sense that a well toned pelvic floor will not only create a tighter grip during intercourse but it will also enhance your erotic sensation.

The Basics

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  • A Must Have Item
  • Female Friendly
  • Great Gift Idea
  • Mobile App Enabled
  • Neat and Discreet
  • Our Staff Love
  • Popular Product
  • Rechargeable
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof

Tech Specs

  • Cleaning No alcohol or ammonia-based toy cleansers
  • Length 6cm
  • Lubricant Water-based
  • Material Silicone
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Width 3 cm

Latest Review

  • Jada / 06 September, 2018
    After using kiegel balls for many years I recently purchased Elvie its so easy to use & I love that I can now see how I am progressing. I look forward to doing my exercises just so I can beat my personal best :)
  • Sally / 24 October, 2017
    Ladies, this is a must have item! i can feel the difference after only using this a few times, not only did I notice, but so did my hubby... it is so easy to use and i love that it shows me instantly how i am progressing. This is an investment in your health girls!
  • Jordan / 23 October, 2017
    This was so easy to use, the app was simple to download and work. It was so easy to do these simple but effective exercises and great that I could see how I was tracking! It reminds me when I need to do more, you can do it every day, or when it is suggested. Only 5 minutes is all it takes. This is such a great product to increase my pelvic floor, I think every lady should have one, I am definitely going to tell all my friends.

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