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Buying Guides - Showering your partner with pleasure, a guide to hot shower sex

According to Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, Australia's uber-sexpert, in her book "Spicy Sex", most men would, if they could, start their day with an orgasm! "His ‘morning glory' is his hardest erection and the orgasm he feels from its release is explosively powerful" says Dr Morrissey.

Singing in the shower
Showering together first thing in the morning can be a pumping good way to start the day for both partners though and the shared erotic experience will keep sex on the brain and a smile on your face all day!

Start by setting the alarm 15 minutes early and putting the coffee percolator on brew. Then turn on the shower – and your partner – by finding the perfect water temperature for two.

Lather a body sponge with some sweet smelling soap and take turns scrubbing each other up and down, paying particular attention to the bum, thighs, calves and chest. Don't neglect the arms, neck and feet too, although remember they'll be slippery later on the porcelain!

Now shampoo each other's hair; giving a good scalp massage to make one another tingle from tip to toe. Then use the slipperiness of the suds to begin teasing your partner, really concentrating on how erotic their skin feels under your wildly wet touch.

Scented oil is preferable to unscented because as it's absorbed into the skin it will serve as an all-day reminder of the shower sex you shared.

Dr Morrissey advocates beginning by pouring a little oil across your partner's shoulders and into your palms – not too much though because you're going to need to get a good grip soon! Go to work from the shoulders down, kneading with your fingers and the heel of you hand. Giving your partner long, deep caresses mimicking the strokes of penetration can also heighten the pace of desire.

"Many people like to kiss, suck and lick their partner as they share a shower too, particularly if they're sensitive to their partner's taste and smell" writes Dr Morrissey. Oral shower sex is a great way to fuel the libido especially knowing your bits are as clean as a whistle. A hot tongue and the intense steam from the water will only add to your pleasure.

Getting down and dirty
When the desire for each other is ravenous though, you'll need to shift from oiling each other‘s pleasure zones to intercourse. Be careful now because while there are a variety of positions that will minimize awkwardness, most showers aren't really roomy enough for two and will require some creative manoeuvring to avoid ambulance assistance!

If he has the stamina and strength, try holding her up against the tiles and letting her wrap her legs around his waist, drawing him deeply into her. If the shower nozzle is high enough, place her under it and let the water cascade over your bodies while you're having your sexual water fight.

Remember though holding all his partner's weight will mean using most of his major muscle groups and he will come quickly!

Less intensive (and often far more practical) is the standing position in which he lifts and holds one of her legs to open her hips and penetrates her with a bending (knee trembling) motion. She can hang on to him with her arms or, if she's a similar height to him, she can help set the rhythm buy holding her hands on his hips.

Showering with your loved one will never be the same again thanks to these versatile suction position handles. The powerful suction base sticks to nearly any flat surface...from shower tiles to floors, to glass shower doors...allowing you to explore positions you only ever dreamt were possible! With these high strength suction handles, you can maintain difficult positions with ease and you hit just the right spot every time. They help with balance, give you leverage and ensure safety when the action heats up!

If the standing position in the shower proves too difficult to pull of successfully, you're not alone. Many couples avoid sex in the shower because it can be so tricky. Successful shower sex can simply mean having an erotic feel up together, before fumbling out of the shower and onto a pile of towels in the bathroom or finishing with hot, wet intercourse sliding together on the bed.

Heating things up
For extra stimulation, especially for her, use a water safe toy to stimulate her clitoris. While women regularly enjoy quickie sex without orgasm, it can be frustrating when the sex is particularly erotic, as a good shower quickie can be with that all-over body teasing and slippery hand stimulation.

Dr Morrissey recommends sharing the toys on each other's bodies, liberally stimulating her clitoris, his and her nipples and inner thighs, as well as the shaft of his penis.

Slip n Slide
Because the water in the shower can quickly wash away her natural lubrication, if you do use a water-safe vibrating toy during the shower quickie, be sure to add lubrication. Whether you're soaking solo or looking forward to the hot tub in the honeymoon suite, you'll also get more mileage from your plastic-fantastic friends if you use a lubricant. Silicone lubes are perfect for use in the water when you really want to slip, slide and glide.

Once you're done, don't forget to kiss and towel one another dry and's a good idea to "shower" at least twice a day!

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