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Buying Guides - Have toys, will travel. A guide to making a sexy suitcase selection

Sex toys are a wonderful addition to a weekend away! Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, mixing up your lovemaking location and pushing your buttons with some battery-operated buzz can be a great way to inject some spontaneity into a relationship and add some real spice to your life!

But if you've flown anywhere at all in the last few years, you’ll know that they’ve stepped airport security up quite a bit, and that with each new incident, there are new guidelines for travel. Every item of luggage is now x-rayed, if not hand-searched, so it's more important than ever to pack smaller, simpler items that don't have the potential to look like a weapon (as some larger dual-action vibes and men's toys can)!

Despite your best packing though, you may still be asked to step aside so that your luggage can be more closely inspected. Whatever you do, don't panic! Security folk have been doing this for a long time, and there’s no doubt they’ve probably seen and heard it all before! They may simply ask you if there's anything inside your suitcase that's potentially embarrassing. Our advice is to embrace the situation and say something like, "Yep, and I'm planning on having a really good time with it"!

When travelling with any type of sex toy though, we also suggest following these travel-safe tips for a hassle-free and horny holiday:

Powering Up Your Play
Pushing your own buttons with a battery powered sex toy can be a huge turn on – but remember you need to keep your sex toys turned on too by having the right batteries on hand! If your sex toys are battery-operated, make sure you remove them before packing, and store them separately to your toys. Not only do unfamiliar battery-products look sinister on an x-ray, if the batteries aren't fresh they may leak, which will ruin your toy AND the contents of your suitcase! Ideally purchase new batteries before you travel and leave them in their original packaging.

Lubricant and Other Liquid
Most airlines and airports now have restrictions on the amount and type of liquid you can carry on board the plane with you too, so to lessen the risk of losing your favourite lube, we recommend packing these products in you checked luggage instead. It also makes sense to store your liquid lubricants, toy cleaners, massage oils and motion lotions in zip-lock bags to avoid ruining your other belongings if they happen to explode or leak while in transit.

Packing for Pleasure
Of course, your destination will also determine the type of sensual items you'll want to bring along. For example, if you're going on a beach getaway you should be bringing along your waterproof buzz buddy, while a romantic tryst for two requires something more sweet and sensual. Remember the smaller and simpler the item, the less sinister it’s going to look to vigilant security officers and custom officials. And be mindful and considerate of local customs too when packing to travel overseas. In Texas for example they won't look kindly on a suitcase full of vibes and toys as possessing more than three pleasure pals is currently illegal in that State! Before traveling anywhere, it‘s always a good idea to look into any available information on the laws and rules of your chosen destination – and not just in relation to travelling with toys!

Fun in the Sun
Turn your sexy water fantasies into reality with our great range of waterproof and water-resistant vibes and toys! Enjoy some sizzling holiday sex and have fun in the sun, but remember that because the water will quickly wash away her natural lubrication, if you do use your water-safe toy in the pool or spa, be sure to add lubrication. Whether you’re soaking solo or looking forward to the hot tub in the honeymoon suite, you’ll also get more mileage from your plastic-fantastic friends if you use a lubricant. Silicone lubes are perfect for use in the water when you really want to slip, slide and glide, provided your toy’s not made of silicone or another real-feel material of course!

Also be aware that while some toys are fully waterproof, others are merely water-resistant or splash-proof and should never be fully submerged in water. Some waterproof vibes differ only slightly from their non-waterproof counterparts, but in the majority of our waterproof toys a small rubber gasket ensures that the battery compartment remains safe and dry. And when you’re having fun in the sun, it’s also important to remember that no matter what material your pleasure pals are made from, direct sunlight or excessive heat will cause them to melt, discolour and dry out so they should always be stored in a cool, dark place.

Romantic Getaway
A romantic tryst for two is the perfect time to relax and learn about your lover. You can take the time to really connect with your partner and a sensual full-body massage is ideal for doing this! To help you maximize your enjoyment of the evening's entertainment, invest in a massage oil or motion lotion that’s safe for internal use, or go all out and include a sultry blindfold, a feather tickler and a vibrator for a one-way ticket to pleasure-ville! has a gorgeous range of deliciously indulgent oils, creams, powders and potions, all guaranteed to tempt, tease and please.

Alternatively you could pack a lover’s picnic hamper for a feast of sexual pleasures. Add sexy, aphrodisiac foods to create an erotic vibe and to hint at the pleasures still to come: champagne, caviar and chocolate, or go for broke and include figs, oysters and asparagus! Light the area with candles for mood lighting and for dessert: after some passionfruit, add your own passion! Your lover will enjoy the attention and romance and there’s no doubt you’ll get an “oh” for effort!

Business for Pleasure
The best items to bring on those (generally) boring business trips include anything that’s small and simple, and for the most part doesn’t scream “sex toy”! And it’s a good idea not to pack your toys in your carry-on baggage unless you absolutely have to. Remember that if they're confiscating toenail clippers and eyebrow tweezers, they're definitely not going to let you bring your fuzzy handcuffs and leather flogger whip on the plane.

Your best bet is to invest in an “undercover lover”, like one of the deliciously discreet and unique toys in our stunning range of luxury lifestyle objects from LELO. Not only are these toys fully rechargeable, removing the need to remember the batteries when you’re packing, they’re also small, lightweight, and discreet enough to fool any international flight’s security team! Plus they boast an easily activated travel lock so you need never worry about them turning on accidentally. Remember that even if your vibe doesn’t buzz in your bag, it can still heat up enough to cause you some real concerns.

Make it Fit
Generally space is a real problem when packing, so it’s a great idea when you’re travelling to stick to small toys that can multi-task, like vibrating bullets and egg vibrators. Many of these pocket rockets pack a power punch that rivals that of much bigger, bolder toys, and they also make the ideal couple’s toy as they can be used on any part of the body, from her clit and perineum to his nipples and everywhere in between!

Tray Lay
Whether it's the dip in atmospheric pressure (said to increase orgasmic intensity), the cute flight crew uniforms or the excitement of jetting off to a strange land, air travel has been associated with romance ever since man learned to fly! But joining the Mile High Club isn't just about going to the loos in twos (and invariably doing the walk of shame back to your seat)! Dress for quickie success and wear something that’s all about easy access. Slink down low in your seat and use the tray table on the seat in front of you to hide your wandering hands. Better still go under cover by borrowing one of those teeny tiny blankies from the flight attendant and, armed with a sense of naughtiness and adventure, find a more creative way to “do it”. It’s a fabulous way to get your holiday off to a right royal BANG!

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