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Every woman has a g-spot. Even you! The g-spot has become quite an infamous little organ in the female fanny. It was medically “discovered” a little over 50 years ago by our buddy Dr Grafenberg – hence the name “g” spot! The g-spot is often referred to as the “female prostate” – and it is just that, along with the network of sensitive tissue around it. If you keep stimulating your g-spot, this tissue will become erect and begin to feel extremely pleasurable. In fact, some women say that stimulating their g-spot results in an orgasm that’s felt even deeper in the body than a clitoral one!

The g’s the spot
Squirting! Spurting! Spraying! Splashing! Gushing...! Female ejaculation is carnal proof that a woman's ability to hit her lover right between the eyes with her orgasmic juice is equal to that of a man. All women have the capacity to ejaculate, but many women mistake their ejaculate for an abundance of vaginal lubrication or – in many cases - for urine. Ejaculating can be a similar sensation because a woman will ejaculate through her urethra, but rest assured, it’s not peeing!

The science bit
Remember that in men, both ejaculate and urine are expelled through the urethra, yet they’re different fluids. While urine is waste that’s stored in the bladder, female ejaculate is “manufactured” by a gal’s g-spot during arousal and stimulation. It’s predominantly prostatic fluid mixed with glucose and trace amounts of urine (which gets in there because it’s already hanging out in the urethra). It’s usually a clear liquid with a consistency similar to a light, watery lubricant. The taste and smell can vary along with a girl’s menstrual cycle, ranging from fresh-n-fruity to salty to earthy and women can expel anywhere from a few teaspoons to close to a cup of ejaculate in one g-spotting session.

Some women ejaculate quite naturally and find that they’ve actually taught themselves to hold back from ejaculating because they thought their ejaculate was urine. But we girls know better, don't we! And while some women ejaculate with an orgasm, others find that orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct functions which happen quite separately. Either way, g-spot action is essential to ejaculation because it stimulates the production of ejaculate by the paraurethral glands. So what are you waiting for? Put down a towel, put away your inhibitions, and…have a good time! It’s natural, okay?

Getting down and dirty between the sheets in these positions can be good for g-spot action:

  • a modified from-behind position with your head down and booty in the air
  • on your back with your legs up against your chest and
  • girl on top so that you can control the angle of penetration.

That said however, it’s still unlikely that you’ll get quality g-spotting with intercourse alone because the spot’s located on the front wall of your vagina, and most men don’t pack a penis that’s curved! So unless your man’s very canny with his digits, you might want to try using a vibrator specifically designed for g-spot stimulation to ensure a bullseye every time! G-Spot vibrators have a curve near the tip that buzzes snugly up against your hyper-sensitive spot when inserted. G-spot vibrators can also be used to stimulate the prostate in men, provided they’re safe for backdoor play.

Feel the burn
Pelvic muscle tone also plays a part in whether a woman ejaculates or not. For ejaculation, it’s important to learn to relax as well as contract your PC (Pubo Coccygeus) muscles. Relaxing or pushing out with your PC muscles will allow ejaculate to flow right out of your urethra. So get in touch with your PC muscles and see whether they’re usually relaxed or tight. If your muscles are tense, learn to relax your pelvic floor by doing “Kegel” exercises. Daily Kegels consisting of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of your pelvic floor, have been proven to retrain PC muscles that have become weak due to pregnancy, childbirth, aging, being overweight and abdominal surgery (such as a cesarean section).

And it’s a fact that a well toned vagina and pelvic floor are guaranteed to enhance erotic sensation and promote ultra-intense orgasms all ‘round! has a great range of pleasure and exercise systems for the pelvic floor, known as ben-wa or orgasm balls, specifically designed to provide us gals with a hint of spice to those (otherwise tiresome) pelvic floor exercises!

Let it flow
Some women will find that they naturally ejaculate with g-spot stimulation and PC navigation, but for others, a few more steps are involved:

Take the plunge
Before stimulating your g-spot and setting free your PCs, empty your bladder. Some gals don’t ejaculate because the only sensation similar to ejaculation is urinating. If your bladder is empty, you won’t have to worry about peeing in your bed. If you’re aroused, stimulating your g-spot, and feel a sensation similar to the need to pee, continue with the stimulation and relax your PC muscles. You’ll probably ejaculate.

Minimize mess – maximize enjoyment
For a lot of women, the fear of peeing is so ingrained that it takes a little more work to overcome. If you’re in bed, consider putting a towel or two under your butt. If you’re still plagued by pee-phobia, take your ejaculation exploration to the bathroom. You can put a few towels on the floor or try out the bathtub! Find a situation that will allow you to trust your body. Make a bargain with yourself. If you pee, you pee. No big deal. After all, all that stimulation felt great, right? If you can work through that pee feeling, relax, and then ejaculate, give yourself a high five! If you're worried about the mess, keep in mind that the amount of ejaculate is typically no more than a teaspoon or two.

Make a conscious effort to ejaculate. If you’re stimulating your g-spot, relaxing your PC muscles, and getting that "something good is going to happen" feeling but nothing's going, push out with your PC muscles. Most likely, you’ll push out the ejaculate. And you’ll squirt or sprinkle rather than gush.

The clit’s a hit
The clitoris is the only organ in the human species designed specifically and purely for sexual pleasure! It’s the most sensitive part of a female’s girly bits because it’s composed of erectile tissue, so it becomes engorged with blood during arousal, just like the penis does. So add some clitoral stimulation to your motivation! Many women find that although g-spot stimulation feels great, adding clit stimulation, via a tongue, a hand, or a vibrator, will take them over the top.

Give the clit its due by choosing a g-spot vibrator with a clitoral stimulator attached, or choose a dual action or rabbit vibrator that can be used for both penetration and external stimulation.

And finally
Relax already! Your g-spot is a great thing, it’s true. It can also be elusive, frustrating and maybe even disappointing. Maybe you’ll find it and have an amazing unique-to-the-g-spot orgasm and your life will change forever. Or maybe you’ll never find it. Maybe you will find it and discover it’s just not your thing. Maybe you’ll find it, won't like it, then you’ll rediscover it ten years later and it will turn out that you’ve developed a taste for it…like olives!

But even if after all this exploration, you still don't ejaculate, all is not lost! In the process, you’ve collected a whole lot of new information about your body and what you like during sex. But it is worth checking back in with your g-spot occasionally as sometimes g-spot sensitivity can change with your monthly cycle or over a lifetime and you won’t want to miss out on making your own waterfall of womanhood if you’re able to!

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