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The male G-spot

31 October 2013 4 comments

A few weeks ago I went for a massage at a new massage centre close to my offices. I know you're probably thinking that I went for a 'special massage' but no, I requested a deep tissue sports massage (I try and get at least one a week). The massage was great! At times I was wincing in pain as she used her elbows to push hard into my lower back and my upper legs. I turned over onto my back where she then massaged the front of my body. By the end I'd drifted off in a blissful twilight zone and was day dreaming. Then to my utter surprise I was jolted fully alert after she slid a lubed up finger into my anus.


I squirmed and she immediately withdrew the finger. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting. She went on to tell me that most of her male clients loved this practice particularly if she simultaneously gave them hand relief (a happy ending). And she went on to tell me how it gave them much stronger orgasms. I told her I had a girlfriend so I didn't need any 'extras'. The experience left me with two thoughts:

  1. I now knew why there were so many massage centres popping up everywhere and
  2. I need to research this topic some more.

Actually a man's G-spot is generally referred to as the P-spot and is a man's prostate. Sometimes a man's perineum is also referred to as his P-spot. The perineum is the area located between above a man's anus and extends to the start of his scrotum. Similarly a woman's perineum area extends from above her anus to the start of her vulva.

Where is a man's prostate? A man's prostate is located about two to three inches in his anus and is about the size of a walnut. It sits directly behind the bladder. Apparently the nerve endings here have been likened to those of a woman's G-spot.

I've read that prostate massage and stimulation can assist men in warding off prostate cancer (as can frequent ejaculation). Sounds like a good enough reason to give it a go!

The August issue of Cleo magazine had an interesting article on pegging (someone sent it to me). The article said some sexperts, including Nikki Goldstein, are touting pegging as the new frontier of sexual experimentation. I really hadn't heard this term used much before reading the article. Now it seems to be a popular topic. For those of you who don't know what pegging is, it's where a woman pleasures a guy anally using a vibrator or dong (hand held or strap on version). This might explain the increased sales of strap ons in stores over the last few years.

It turns out that anal sex for men isn't just the domain of gay men (I note that not all gay men like receiving anal sex). Whilst pegging is still a taboo subject for most heterosexual couples there are plenty of couples now talking about giving it a go and in many cases actually doing it. I personally think that most hetero men would, because of their ego and also their beliefs, be ashamed to admit they either want to try it or have tried it and like it. I'm sure there would be a high embarrassment factor for most hetero men if they told their partner they wanted to try it. And they'd be concerned that their partner might think they're either gay or like being dominated by a woman (which is generally not palatable for most hetero men).

I've read that couples who engage in pegging and other forms of anal sex for men can have greater intimacy and a deeper emotional connection. I can see how the exploration and discovery of new forms of pleasure can connect couples closer. Apparently men who receive anal sex from their female partner can become better lovers. The logic is they learn the role of submission because the woman becomes dominant when giving him anal sex. The woman needs to ensure the man is totally relaxed and also turned on enough before she engages in anal sex with him. She also needs to be gentle, tender and patient. When a man is on the receiving end it makes sense that he learns what to do when she's the 'giver'. See last week's blog on tips for anal sex for women. These same tips apply when a man is a receiver of anal sex.

Given a guy can actually orgasm from having his P-spot massaged or stimulated (without his cock being touched) I can see how this would be extremely pleasurable for a guy. But how is that pleasurable for a woman? Giving a man pleasure certainly makes a woman feel good even though she's not likely to orgasm herself. There are however a number of toys including the Fetish Fantasy Elite Strapless 8inch Strap-On and the Infinity Strapless Strap-On that a woman can wear whilst pleasuring her mans P-spot that will reward her at the same time. Also I'm sure women like the idea of being dominant and strong for a change.

I still co-own The Court Hotel with my ex wife. And it's still proudly a gay and lesbian venue. I did consider canvassing the opinion of gay guys about the pleasures of anal sex but I wasn't sure how open they'd be with me being a straight guy. I decided against the idea for now, but I might revisit it in the future sometime. I did however do a call out to a few hetero guys I knew who might be into receiving anal sex from their partner. A few came back with some candid stories on the basis I was discrete and didn't share them. Obviously they realise I'm open minded and non-judgmental. My view is that providing sex is between consenting adults and no one is getting hurt then surely it's ok.

Last Friday I wore my new Rocks Off Bad Boy t-shirt in the office. Rocks Off is a UK based sex toy company that's producing some amazing toys with awesome artwork designs (they are currently only available in our stores but we’ll have them online next week). We had a store managers meeting that finished with a few drinks at the office. I had to ask a few of the managers (they're all female) why they where chuckling about my t-shirt. That's when they showed me the Bad Boy product in the Rocks Off catalogue. It's a prostate stimulator. I left the t-shirt on and did my best to convince the ladies that I hadn't tried it but was 'willing to consider giving it a go'.

As always I'd really like to hear your feedback.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


Josh 1 November 2013 at 7:03 pm
For a few years now I have enjoyed the occasional anal stimulation while having sex with my wife. It certainly does heighten sex and orgasms for both of us. I believe as a man, we shouldn't be ashamed to try it, nor categorise ourselves for it. If it feels good, give it a crack!
Matthew Cooney 27 December 2016 at 12:41 am
I agree josh.i had relation with two seperate women who got off on using either a strap on or dildo and give me anal.they would be dripping wet.i did have a greater bonding with those girls.And I love anal sex.
Tim 4 June 2018 at 3:37 pm
Penetrating anyone's anus without consent is sexual assault in my book. Swap the sexes and do you think it would be acceptable? I had a masseuse try a similar thing and she was lucky I didn't call the police. If there's ever a next time I certainly will, not that I expect the Police would take me seriously. Like everything else, there's one rule for women and one rule for men.
14 July 2018 at 11:23 pm
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