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The Beginner's Guide to Flogging Fun

30 January 2019 1 comment

The act of beating the human body with special equipment is the loose definition of flogging, but it’s far more thrilling than it sounds!

You see, flogging is not as black and white as you may think. It’s a practice deeply rooted in the exchange of power, and sadistic and masochistic desires. For both parties, flogging is enjoyed mentally, physically, and or sexually.

And for those who are immensely intrigued to learn more about or to try flogging, here is the ultimate beginner’s guide to get you going!

The Beginner's Guide to Flogging FunThe Beginner's Guide to Flogging Fun

Flogging is not as easy as you may think

This is not to say that flogging is difficult, but it’s much more than simply taking a flogging device and using it on your partner.

To take part in this activity requires physical strength, concentration, and precision. In fact, we suggest practicing on an inanimate object beforehand to get a feel for it, because there are certain parts of the body that are great for flogging while other parts should be off limits for safety reasons.

Before the flogging begins

Just like any other activity that requires a lot of trust and respect, talking with your partner beforehand is not only the key to creating even more of an emotional bond, but also a way in which to discuss your intrigue, desires, and limits. Perhaps you would also like to choose a safe-word to ensure feeling comfortable and staying within boundaries.

The art to flogging: the sweet spots

The safest and most common part of the body to flog is the upper back on either side of the spine. Avoid the spine however, as this can cause injuries to the vertebrae or other physical damage.

Additionally, flogging someone on their upper back has a different sensation to that of the hips and upper buttocks – with many revealing the latter to be unenjoyable.

Then, does your partner enjoy more impactful bouts of pain (a thud) or do they prefer a stinging sensation? For the former, allow the tail of the flogging device to touch more of the skin, and for the latter, use only the tips to create their desired sensation.

And lastly, try not to move your body forward, as it has the tendency to create a more unpredictable impact. You should be standing with your feet flat on the ground in a square position, and your body should be erect and faced forwards, not twisted.

The various devices and their impact

A flogger can be made up of several different kinds of material, providing varying sensations.

Consult this handy guide to find the perfect device for you and your partner.


  • Basic leather/faux leather: A mixture of thud and sting, leather/faux leather floggers cause only a moderate sensation.
  • Deerskin: A supple device for those who enjoy a thud sensation as opposed to sting.
  • Suede: A gentle thud-inducing device with very little sting. It’s more gentle in general however, making it an excellent choice for beginners.


  • Diamond-handled: this flogger has leather lashes with a braided handle and provides a sensation of stinging plus thud almost equally.


  • Rubber: these floggers are generally quite innocent-looking, lightweight and discrete, but the impact is definitely noticeable.
  • Knotted Rope: these floggers too are high in sting factor yet relatively low when it comes to the thud.
  • Horse hair: Arguably the most intense flogger, horsehair causes a strong sting with almost zero thud, giving off a fierce sensation.

The technique

You don’t want to use a downward swing motion when flogging your partner, leaving the tail to go down their back. Instead, you’re going to want to do a forward motion, pulling the device back just before it hits so that it doesn’t touch anything lower than the upper back.

You should be moving your wrist in a figure eight motion while holding the handle.

As mentioned, if you have the urge to lunge forward whilst flogging, the tail of the device may wrap around your partner’s body, which has been known to be less desirable and in actuality, very painful. The wrapping of the tail tends to happen more when you choose your partners shoulders, torso, buttocks, or legs.

Apart from the upper back, the buttocks is another common spot for floggers, but should be done with great precision as it could cause the tail to wrap, as previously mentioned. Also, should the tail hit the incorrect spot, you could damage your partner’s tailbone. For that reason, we want to reiterate how important it is to practice on an inanimate object first, such as a wall or pillow.

On the other hand, if done correctly, being flogged on the buttocks has proven to be very rewarding for those who experience the practice.

When it comes to the female breasts, you should be very careful as repeated impact may cause medical problems later on in life. For men, this area is more safe though.

Also, avoid the stomach and the sides of the body, as it can cause serious harm to internal organs.

In terms of consistency, start off slow and soft so that both parties can become comfortable and accustomed to the sensation. Then, once you and your partner feel confident with your flogging abilities, try to change up your rhythm and pattern.

Opt for softer then harder blows that alternative haphazardly. This will bring the element of shock and surprise, which can turn any great flogging session to an even better one.

Safety first

It’s fairly obvious that when the skin has experienced heavy blows, there may be blood involved. This adds in another fact that should be considered during flogging, as the key is to remain safe and hygienic during your practice. For that reason, we recommend having band aids on-hand.

For your device, leather generally soaks up fluids but should you find any wetness, remove it with a dry cloth as soon as possible so that no bodily fluids are transferred to a new partner.

And once you feel as though you’ve mastered your technique, you could try Florentine Flogging – which is when the flogger uses two identical floggers in both hands. Halfway through the first strike, you will begin the motion of the second.

Feel as though you’re ready to practicing flogging with your partner? Or, perhaps you fancy experimenting with whips, paddles, or slappers? Whichever you choose, you can expect exciting times ahead, that’s for sure!

Written by Helena Lorimer

john doe 18 February 2019 at 8:04 pm
This was a very good intro into "flogging". Thanks.
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