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26 March 2015 6 comments

A couple of months ago The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a report that concluded the female erogenous zone, known as the G-spot, doesn't exist. After reading exerts from the report I was left bewildered and confused! Whilst it's somewhat hard to challenge the results of a report compiled by academics and medical practitioners I find it difficult to assimilate their conclusion in relation to the existence of the G-spot. I think they're ignorant, naive and wrong!

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22 May 2014 2 comments

Not long back at a black tie social event two young ladies introduced themselves to me. After confirming that I was the owner of one of the ladies proudly pronounced she had a rabbit vibrator and she was addicted to it. The other lady, not wanting to be out done, was quick to announce that she had a dolphin vibrator and a rabbit vibrator...and the rabbit vibrator made her squirt when she orgasmed. To my amazement this conversation took place in the first minute of us meeting. I remember thinking that this type of introduction never happened to me when I was a civil engineer.

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10 October 2013 7 comments

One particular night when I was in my mid 20's I found myself in unfamiliar territory; I was performing oral sex on my girlfriend when all of a sudden she forcibly expunged large volumes of clear fluid. Apart from soaking my face, hair, upper body and bed linen I accidentally swallowed a lot of the fluid and nearly choked! I remember chastising her thinking she'd urinated on me. She then explained to me that it wasn't urination. Unwittingly I was witness to the phenomena colloquially known as squirting or gushing.

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