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4 June 2015 5 comments

In October last year Canadian scientists published an interesting report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in relation to their study of sexual fantasies. The objective of the study was to determine what sexual fantasies are prevalent and, what are unusual and rare.

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10 July 2014 10 comments

Having your mother find your stash of Playboy magazines, along with a bottle of baby oil and a box of tissues, underneath your bed at the age of 13 is one of the most humiliating and harrowing events any teenage boy could face! Well this happened to me. One afternoon I was horrified when confronted by my stern looking mother who had placed my bag of magazines and 'masturbation necessities' on top of my bed. Due to the embarrassment we both felt, we never needed to talk about it. And I'm glad we didn't! This is not the sort of discussion a teenage boy wants to have with either parent. He's certainly not going to ever admit to masturbating even if he's caught out.

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30 January 2014 9 comments

Back in 1995 I started up a premium rate phone dating business that quickly morphed into an adult phone entertainment business turning over $1.5 million a month in Australia. One of the most popular ads we ran in local newspaper personal's was 'Hot horny housewives seek casual daytime sex'. At the time I never dreamed how popular this simple 3 line ad would be. In fact the ad was so successful we ran it in many national adult magazines with pictures of 'hot housewives'. There were a lot more people seeking casual sex compared to those seeking romance!

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