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6 March 2014 1 comment

Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationships expert, who's authored 15 related books. I was lucky enough to have a chat with her this week whilst she was in Australia on a well deserved break from the UK winter. We mostly talked about our separate trips to Mykonos (we both love Namos Beach Club) and also the Venus Fair in Berlin (an adult industry trade show where they used to have live sex in many of the booths), however we also managed to discuss a few topics that I'm sure you'd be interested to hear about.

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9 August 2013 3 comments

It turns out that sexologists, and loveologists, don't sit on the end of the bed and watch couples have sex whilst providing pointers and tips on how to become better lovers! I had the honour, and pleasure, of having America's leading sexologist (according to Cosmopolitan magazine in the US) Dr. Ava Cadell stay at my apartment for two nights a couple of weekends back. Dr. Ava kicked off her Australia-wide seminar series, for the Entrepreneurs' Organization, in Perth.

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27 June 2013 3 comments

We've all been there! When you first meet a new partner you have sex multiple times a day...but as the years go by the frequency of having sex diminishes rapidly (for most couples). It's an affliction that, over time, affects every couple! Why is this? This morning I had a Skype call for an hour with Dr Ava from Los Angeles (one of the leading sexperts in the US... see and I asked her this question. Her response was simply "familiarity".

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