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10 July 2014 10 comments

Having your mother find your stash of Playboy magazines, along with a bottle of baby oil and a box of tissues, underneath your bed at the age of 13 is one of the most humiliating and harrowing events any teenage boy could face! Well this happened to me. One afternoon I was horrified when confronted by my stern looking mother who had placed my bag of magazines and 'masturbation necessities' on top of my bed. Due to the embarrassment we both felt, we never needed to talk about it. And I'm glad we didn't! This is not the sort of discussion a teenage boy wants to have with either parent. He's certainly not going to ever admit to masturbating even if he's caught out.

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27 March 2014 4 comments

Early last year a friend of mine was constantly lamenting his low libido. Every time we caught up, the subject of his low sex drive would feature heavily in our chats. He's in his early forties, has been married for over ten years and has a few young children. And he just didn't feel like having sex very often with his wife! I suggested he have some blood tests done and discuss the results with his doctor or a specialist. There are a number of factors that could adversely impact upon a man's sex drive. Hormonal issues, like low levels of testosterone, can often be a problem for men when they hit their forties. At the time I thought it was more than likely that he had low testosterone levels.

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16 January 2014 5 comments

After a great Xmas and new year break I started back at work and the gym last week. Every year the first few weeks in January has the gym overflowing with those that have made a New Year's resolution to get fit or back into 'beach shape'. By February many of those 'newbies' have dropped off the radar and are back in their pre-Xmas lifestyles. Why is that? And what of those of us who've made a New Year's resolution to have more sex?

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19 September 2013 5 comments

At an party last week a staff member told me that she'd recently had an out-of-body experience during sex and her partner also experienced the same phenomenon! Wow! And neither of them was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. She raved about how great that particular sex session was. It left me thinking; what does it take for sex to be deemed great sex? I've had body tingling and mind blowing great sex. I've had average sex and yes just like everyone I've had some pretty boring uneventful sex in my time... but I've never had an out-of-body experience.

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22 August 2013 3 comments

My 21st birthday party marked the end of my final year at Uni. I had completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Surveying and Mapping. Now I was back out in the 'real world'. I'd had a taste of this a year prior when I was working at Argyle (having taken a forced year off my studies). Most Uni students don't have a guaranteed job when they finish their studies however I had been offered a job by my previous employer. Again the job required working in remote north Western Australia on engineering projects like road and airport construction. I decided however that I’d had enough of working in the bush!

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