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30 April 2015 3 comments

The legendary porn star John Holmes had an exceptionally huge penis, but it wasn't quite a foot! Is it the extra large penis that women are referring to when they say they have a foot fetish? John Holmes reputably slept with over 3,000 women and I'm sure some of those conquests would say yes to this question however the answer is no. So what is the definition of a foot fetish?

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23 October 2014 8 comments

It makes me cringe when saying that most men are foolish when it comes to their policy regarding condom use. They simply don't want to use them and will avoid them whenever they can. Why? It's because they decrease sexual pleasure for the man (and sometimes for the woman if lubricant isn't also used). And they can inhibit a man's sexual performance. Neither is palatable!

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3 July 2014 3 comments

A while back I was visiting a girlfriend who lived with another girl. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in the lounge room watching the football. The two girls were trying on dresses in the bedroom. In walked the boyfriend of the other girl. He shook my hand and went straight to the fridge and knocked back a can of beer in one long gulp. He then asked me where his girlfriend was. I told him. Moments later my girlfriend walked out. Then I heard a few minutes of squealing. He then walked back out doing up his zipper, went straight to the fridge and downed another beer with just one long gulp. Then he left.

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