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30 April 2015 3 comments

The legendary porn star John Holmes had an exceptionally huge penis, but it wasn't quite a foot! Is it the extra large penis that women are referring to when they say they have a foot fetish? John Holmes reputably slept with over 3,000 women and I'm sure some of those conquests would say yes to this question however the answer is no. So what is the definition of a foot fetish?

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11 September 2014 9 comments

Very late at night a few years ago, whilst roaming the infamous red-light district of Amsterdam, I found myself staring incredulously into the eyes of an attractive prostitute who was in her early forties. We'd just had a long discussion about how many men she'd had sex with and I was wondering how she would explain her sexual history to any potential husband.

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14 November 2013 3 comments

I was seated at a dinner party a few weeks back when a friend of mine exclaimed that he was just a bit too big for his wife. She responded with "no honey, you're just perfect! I've had too big and it was quite painful!" There was an instant look of dismay and disappointment on my friends face. Most men probably don't want to hear a response like this. It left me thinking; what does the perfect cock look like?

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