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7 August 2014 7 comments

I recently caught up with a friend of mine whom I called a 'Cougar'. She's in her forties, still very attractive, is divorced and has two teenage children. She'd been bragging to me about her young "gorgeous boyfriend" who was in his twenties when I suggested she was a cougar. They'd been dating for nearly a year. My assertion that she was a cougar was met with dismay and fierce rebuttal. In fact this is how she responded: "first of all let's get this straight Mal, I'm not a cougar! Just because I was married to someone 9 years younger than me and just because I'm currently involved with someone whose age has a 2 in front of it, whereas mine has a 4 in front, doesn't make me a cougar. In fact when I hear the word cougar it makes me think of a woman who goes out and preys on younger men. And this couldn't be further from the truth in my case!"

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1 May 2014 3 comments

A soft cock isn't much use to anyone! At an adult industry event in Las Vegas a few years back, I asked a male porn star if he, or other male porn stars he worked with, had any problems getting or maintaining erections. His response was “of course I do, just like all men do from time to time”. This surprised me a bit as I believed a male porn star would have ‘excelled' in this area. He then went on to tell me how women (usually referred to as fluffers) were often employed by film producers to keep male stars aroused between scenes. They usually did this by performing oral sex on them.

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3 April 2014 3 comments

One reader, in response to my post last week, thought I was suggesting the easiest way for a man to improve his libido was to get a new younger girlfriend. Whilst this may in fact increase a man's sexual desire in some instances I certainly wasn't advocating he take this course of action.

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27 March 2014 4 comments

Early last year a friend of mine was constantly lamenting his low libido. Every time we caught up, the subject of his low sex drive would feature heavily in our chats. He's in his early forties, has been married for over ten years and has a few young children. And he just didn't feel like having sex very often with his wife! I suggested he have some blood tests done and discuss the results with his doctor or a specialist. There are a number of factors that could adversely impact upon a man's sex drive. Hormonal issues, like low levels of testosterone, can often be a problem for men when they hit their forties. At the time I thought it was more than likely that he had low testosterone levels.

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16 January 2014 5 comments

After a great Xmas and new year break I started back at work and the gym last week. Every year the first few weeks in January has the gym overflowing with those that have made a New Year's resolution to get fit or back into 'beach shape'. By February many of those 'newbies' have dropped off the radar and are back in their pre-Xmas lifestyles. Why is that? And what of those of us who've made a New Year's resolution to have more sex?

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7 November 2013 2 comments

Last Thursday night, on Halloween, I found myself at the foot of the stage of my favourite Perth strip club, the Voodoo Lounge. Here, with great amusement, I watched Mistress Tokyo entertain us all by enthusiastically trussing up and bounding a sexy lady from the audience. Mistress Tokyo, who is one of Australia's foremost authorities on rope and bondage, was flown in from over east as the 'main event' for the club's annual Fetish Ball. This year's ball had a military and medical theme, although many guests decided to come in leather, latex and other fetish gear.

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