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28 November 2013 6 comments

Years ago, when I was conducting exploration surveys in remote Western Australia, I remember sitting around a bush camp fire one night with my field hand listening to him trying his best to impress me with his incredulous stories of sexual prowess. Apparently he was having an affair with a married woman who lived down the road from him. He did his best to convince me that he often slipped through a bedroom window and into her bed late at night and had sex with her very quietly whilst her husband slept alongside of her. I at least found him entertaining!

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3 October 2013 5 comments

When I was in my early twenties I went along to a party with a buddy of mine, Paul. He introduced me to his cousin, Steve. Later that night Steve and I found ourselves flirting with a girl whom we'd met at the party. I remember the girl going to the bathroom and Steve and I haggling over who was going to 'try their best with her'. Before she arrived back we'd decided that we should "join forces" so to speak. Somehow or other the three of us ended up in my bed that night. It turned out to be the first threesome experience for all of us and luckily for all of us it was fantastic. It was random, unexpected and totally hot.

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26 September 2013 2 comments

Whilst we're all different with what turns us on, and men are vastly different to women when it comes to what constitutes great sex, it appears we all have one thing in common. It's the need for an emotional connection. It's that feeling of being wanted and desired, that feeling of mutual attraction and that flood of lust that heightens sex to the point where we deem it great sex. I had many responses to the questions I raised in last week's blog.

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