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12 February 2015 17 comments

At a dinner party I recently hosted there was some heated debate on what was considered a 'normal' looking vagina. What started the light hearted hostilities was a comment from a female guest. Returning from the bathroom she'd decided to study one of the erotic art works adorning my apartment walls. With a look of abhorrence she stormed back to the table and expressed her displeasure regarding a large canvas of two naked women. As far as she was concerned one of the women looked gross and abnormal because the inner lips of her vagina (her labia minora) were rather pronounced.

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26 June 2014 12 comments

"I always prefer to have sex with the average looking escorts rather than the hot model lookalikes!" This was my friend Amit's response when I asked him about the escorts he employed and in particular which ones he had sex with. Back in 2001 I was travelling back and forth to New York where I was finalizing a deal with Amit, the owner of one of New York's largest escort agencies, to create an online worldwide directory of escorts.

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19 June 2014 6 comments

"I think sometimes some guys may watch a bit too much porn and think that throwing women around the bed in a variety of positions and jack-hammering them is what we consider to be great no!" This was one of the many responses I received from a woman when I did a call out recently asking for what women regard as bad sex.

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10 April 2014 10 comments

Should a real man trim or remove hair from and around his groin? Up until a few years ago this was probably only something gay men would do however these days it's becoming more prevalent with straight men. Why are more men becoming obsessed with 'manscaping'? And what do women think about it?

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