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12 June 2014 5 comments

Years ago, I had a gorgeous girlfriend who was a part time model. Whilst she wasn't the smartest girl I've dated she ticked most of the other boxes. Over time she became a great cook and excelled in the kitchen. She gave me regular massages, cleaned my house, ironed my shirts and was great in the bedroom with an insatiable sexual appetite. I loved taking her out and showing her off to my friends. They worshipped her and so did I for many months. She appeared to be the trophy girlfriend. I thought she was almost perfect.

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24 April 2014 8 comments

Years ago, I had a girlfriend who just laid there in bed waiting for me to turn her on without reciprocating. After debating with myself afterwards, I was often left confused as to whether or not she was really into me, whether she was stone cold frigid or just inexperienced in the art of pleasure. She was certainly affectionate – until we were naked. For the first few months of seeing each other I'm not sure if she realised I even had a cock as she never touched it. I could have in fact been inserting a vibrator or wearing a strap on dong for all she knew.

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15 August 2013 4 comments

As a reckless and carefree nineteen year old Uni student I didn't appreciate the consequences of missing the re-enrollment day at Curtin University where I was studying a Bachelor of Applied Science in Surveying and Mapping. I had completed my first two years of my degree and was surfing during the day and partying at night during my summer break. When the last day came around to re-enroll I thought it'd be fine if I simply did it the next day. Turns out it wasn't fine! There was no way around it. I had to take a year off my studies. Bugger! The following day, with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I knew I had to face the fact that I'd stuffed up and now had to make the most of it. And that's just what I did!

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20 June 2013 13 comments

I knew last week's post re my views on cheating was going to be controversial but I didn't realise the magnitude and depth of comments nor the level of debate it would incite! Apart from many comments in open forums like Facebook I also received many private msg's and emails. By Friday night, and with so many msg's, my head was spinning...and then I received a txt msg from a close friend who is married; "are you in town Mal...I'd like you to meet my girlfriend".

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