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26 February 2015 7 comments

Imagine the surprise of a naive 21 year old woman who unwrapped a Xmas present and realised it was her first vibrator? This is how Mia, our Sales Manager at, was introduced to sex toys. At the time she was shocked and confused. Her first thought after opening her gift was that her husband didn't want to have sex with her anymore. And she dreaded answering the questions from her parents and friends as to what she'd received for Xmas. Fast forward two decades – what's changed?

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18 July 2013 6 comments

If you thought attending a sex toy trade show in 'the valley' Los Angeles for 3 days sounds tough - then me telling you that I'm now laying in the hot Californian sun poolside, on the rooftop of the very hip London Hotel in Hollywood, writing my blog post, will probably make you feel less sorry for me...especially given the cold weather in Perth and most of Australia right now. Well as a business owner I need to get a few non taxable fringe benefits besides previewing and test driving the worlds latest and greatest sex toys and pleasure products.

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30 May 2013 4 comments

My girlfriend Tracey said in a recent blog post of hers "using sex toys is normal and healthy and can play a role in making women happier and more sexually satisfied". This isn't a revelation for me! I learnt when I was in my 20's that the introduction and use of sex toys in a relationship is not only a lot of exciting fun but it's also great foreplay.

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