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27 November 2014 6 comments

When I recently canvassed the opinions of some of the female staff at in relation to what the etiquette was for women's orgasm I wasn't really surprised with their responses (nor their frowns). All believed there was no such etiquette required and that they should orgasm whenever the opportunity arose without any considerations whatsoever. I then asked a few guys at my local gym (over pre workout double espressos) what they thought about a woman's orgasm etiquette. The first two guys, who clearly had a sense of humour, responded with a question - "can women actually orgasm?" The next couple of guys were more insightful and gave me some food for thought.

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10 October 2013 7 comments

One particular night when I was in my mid 20's I found myself in unfamiliar territory; I was performing oral sex on my girlfriend when all of a sudden she forcibly expunged large volumes of clear fluid. Apart from soaking my face, hair, upper body and bed linen I accidentally swallowed a lot of the fluid and nearly choked! I remember chastising her thinking she'd urinated on me. She then explained to me that it wasn't urination. Unwittingly I was witness to the phenomena colloquially known as squirting or gushing.

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