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19 June 2014 6 comments

"I think sometimes some guys may watch a bit too much porn and think that throwing women around the bed in a variety of positions and jack-hammering them is what we consider to be great no!" This was one of the many responses I received from a woman when I did a call out recently asking for what women regard as bad sex.

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30 January 2014 9 comments

Back in 1995 I started up a premium rate phone dating business that quickly morphed into an adult phone entertainment business turning over $1.5 million a month in Australia. One of the most popular ads we ran in local newspaper personal's was 'Hot horny housewives seek casual daytime sex'. At the time I never dreamed how popular this simple 3 line ad would be. In fact the ad was so successful we ran it in many national adult magazines with pictures of 'hot housewives'. There were a lot more people seeking casual sex compared to those seeking romance!

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19 September 2013 5 comments

At an party last week a staff member told me that she'd recently had an out-of-body experience during sex and her partner also experienced the same phenomenon! Wow! And neither of them was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. She raved about how great that particular sex session was. It left me thinking; what does it take for sex to be deemed great sex? I've had body tingling and mind blowing great sex. I've had average sex and yes just like everyone I've had some pretty boring uneventful sex in my time... but I've never had an out-of-body experience.

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12 September 2013 8 comments

Last week I became increasingly frustrated reading through the many comments and messages I received from women citing what turned them on in the bedroom. I was chuffed they'd responded to my call out, but most of the feedback I received was all about what turned women on outside the bedroom. Initially I was perplexed and thought I hadn't posed the question well enough, and then the penny dropped. It turns out that for women it's usually about what a man does before he gets to the bedroom that gets her in the mood.

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