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24 April 2014 8 comments

Years ago, I had a girlfriend who just laid there in bed waiting for me to turn her on without reciprocating. After debating with myself afterwards, I was often left confused as to whether or not she was really into me, whether she was stone cold frigid or just inexperienced in the art of pleasure. She was certainly affectionate – until we were naked. For the first few months of seeing each other I'm not sure if she realised I even had a cock as she never touched it. I could have in fact been inserting a vibrator or wearing a strap on dong for all she knew.

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6 February 2014 5 comments

A few years ago I was driving through Times Square in New York when I looked up and was confronted with a huge billboard that featured a gorgeous model wearing a Wonderbra. There she and her glorious breasts were with the caption below reading: She can't cook...who cares! I remember wondering at the time if such eye popping cleavage could in fact replace culinary skills. In the short term they probably could!

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