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7 November 2013 2 comments

Last Thursday night, on Halloween, I found myself at the foot of the stage of my favourite Perth strip club, the Voodoo Lounge. Here, with great amusement, I watched Mistress Tokyo entertain us all by enthusiastically trussing up and bounding a sexy lady from the audience. Mistress Tokyo, who is one of Australia's foremost authorities on rope and bondage, was flown in from over east as the 'main event' for the club's annual Fetish Ball. This year's ball had a military and medical theme, although many guests decided to come in leather, latex and other fetish gear.

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17 October 2013 3 comments

Last week I took my girlfriend Trace to dinner in the city. We parked about a five minute walk to the restaurant. I noticed the wicked smile on Trace's face the moment she stepped out of the car. Before we reached the restaurant her legs went weak, she shuddered a bit and she squeezed my hand harder. That's when she told me she'd inserted two Ben Wa balls before she left home and she wasn't wearing any panties. She'd experienced an orgasm before we'd even arrived at the restaurant. It was certainly a great start to the evening!

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