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5 December 2013 1 comment

Most sex injuries appear funny, that is unless they happen to you! And why do we like to laugh at someone else's misfortune? If a friend told us of a near car accident because someone went through a red light we'd be shocked and a chill would probably run up our spine. But if they told us that they nearly ran off the road whilst driving, and receiving a blow job at the same time, we'd probably have quite a chuckle.

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7 November 2013 2 comments

Last Thursday night, on Halloween, I found myself at the foot of the stage of my favourite Perth strip club, the Voodoo Lounge. Here, with great amusement, I watched Mistress Tokyo entertain us all by enthusiastically trussing up and bounding a sexy lady from the audience. Mistress Tokyo, who is one of Australia's foremost authorities on rope and bondage, was flown in from over east as the 'main event' for the club's annual Fetish Ball. This year's ball had a military and medical theme, although many guests decided to come in leather, latex and other fetish gear.

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11 July 2013 1 comment

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Some people tell their partners their fantasies and some people keep them a secret. And some lucky people actually get to live out their wildest sexual fantasies. Should we disclose our sexual fantasies to our partner? Should we try to live them out?

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