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4 June 2015 5 comments

In October last year Canadian scientists published an interesting report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in relation to their study of sexual fantasies. The objective of the study was to determine what sexual fantasies are prevalent and, what are unusual and rare.

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3 July 2014 3 comments

A while back I was visiting a girlfriend who lived with another girl. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in the lounge room watching the football. The two girls were trying on dresses in the bedroom. In walked the boyfriend of the other girl. He shook my hand and went straight to the fridge and knocked back a can of beer in one long gulp. He then asked me where his girlfriend was. I told him. Moments later my girlfriend walked out. Then I heard a few minutes of squealing. He then walked back out doing up his zipper, went straight to the fridge and downed another beer with just one long gulp. Then he left.

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26 June 2014 12 comments

"I always prefer to have sex with the average looking escorts rather than the hot model lookalikes!" This was my friend Amit's response when I asked him about the escorts he employed and in particular which ones he had sex with. Back in 2001 I was travelling back and forth to New York where I was finalizing a deal with Amit, the owner of one of New York's largest escort agencies, to create an online worldwide directory of escorts.

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15 May 2014 5 comments

Recently a young guy rang the head office enquiring about massive dongs. Apparently he'd been into a number of our stores and couldn't find one big enough to accommodate his petite nineteen year old girlfriend's fetish for super large phallic shaped objects. We couriered him something which I believed ought to have been a door stopper. It was a sample we'd received a while back. Our admin staff had all laughed about the size (it was almost the size of a new born baby) and had packed away in the 'not for sale' box. To the utter amazement of our staff the guy's girlfriend rang a few days later raving about how great her new 'toy' was. For me the tale was almost too incredulous to be true. In fact I likened the insertion of it by her to a David Copperfield magic trick.

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