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Spicing up your relationship with sex toys

3 October 2017 1 comment

Long term relationships can be tough, we all know that, but with an estimated 20% of marriages becoming sexless, many of us are crying out for some stimulation.

Spicing up your relationship with sex toysSpicing up your relationship with sex toys

Of course, that means that 80% of married couples are still rolling around in the sheets. So then why would you want to introduce sex toys into your relationship?

Why Bother?

If you’re in the first group they can be an excellent way to broach the topic of sex and try to facilitate more intimacy in your relationship. It’s not uncommon for people to buy their own sex toys when their marriage becomes sexless, so, turning those personal toys into ‘our’ toys is a great way to bring sex back into your relationship.

In some cases this could be as simple as asking your partner if you could hold the toy for them, rather than having them do it all themselves. These small steps can be the beginning of fixing your issues and re-introducing sex into your relationship.

On the other hand, the 80% of you still enjoying yourself might be wondering, why bother?

Well, you don’t have to wait until sex gets boring to try something different. Sex toys should be treated as a supplement to your sex life, they are there to make things better, easier, more pleasurable, different and fun.

Introducing sex toys into your relationship before things get stale and routine is a great way to enjoy sex, while pushing back the approaching boredom. Being proactive about issues and keeping sex fun is a simple way to ensure a healthy relationship.

What Sex Toys to Buy?

Every couples sex life is different and it’s likely that the toys that you might want will be different too. If you’re a male who has a smaller than average penis then you might look at extenders or dildos.

As a woman who doesn’t enjoy vaginal penetration you might buy a Fleshlight for a male partner. Or, if you can’t orgasm through penetration you could invest in a vibrator to stimulate yourself during sex.

The key is to ask yourself where sex toys could supplement your relationship and your sex life. There are tens of thousands of toys available and the chances are that you don’t need them all, but a few deliberate purchases can make all the difference.

The Womanizer Pro is our best-selling vibrator and with eight different levels of intensity that will promise a mind-blowing orgasm, it’s easy to see why. Of the women that tried it, 100% said that is was a completely unique sensation, with 73% experiencing multiple orgasms.

This powerful toy has revolutionized the game. For women who struggle to orgasm with their partner, a vibrator like the Womanizer Pro is ideal. It’s going to sit comfortably on your clitoris and send pleasure throughout your body.

For those on a tighter budget we would recommend the 20 Function, Rechargeable, Sensuelle Point Bullet. This little guy packs a punch, winning the StorErotica Award as the “Hot Product of the Year 2014”.

The great thing about a small bullet like this is that it’s incredibly discreet. You can hide it away in your bedroom and only pull it out when you’re ready to play. A bullet is also much simpler to use than the Womanizer Pro, ideal if you want your partner to use it on you!

If you’re looking for a toy that is truly designed for both of you to enjoy, the We-Vibe line is the ultimate in couples sex toys, created to stimulate you both at the same time. Our best-selling We-Vibe Sync fits inside her to pleasure her G-spot, while vibrating against his shaft.

Not only that, but the connect app allows you to activate and control the toy from anywhere in the world, perfect for when one of you is away from home.

Overall, it’s hard to compare to the products that We-Vibe offers if you’re looking for something that both of you can enjoy simultaneously. The quality of their toys is exceptional and they have the power to give both of you toe-curling orgasms.

The next product that we would highly recommend is the Fleshlight or Fleshjack. These male masturbators have dominated the market from the day they were released, because they are discreet, body safe and extremely fun to play with.

Male masturbators are a great toy to introduce into your relationship because they allow your man to feel a completely unique sensation. They’re also incredibly easy to use, without almost any effort on your part.

Fleshlights are ideal for couples because they are simply to use on a partner and can replace hand jobs or oral sex.

Our best selling masturbator is the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady Vortex, which was designed to help men to last longer, perfect if you wish your man could go a little more without climaxing.

But even if he doesn’t have premature ejaculation, this sleeve is incredibly tight and stimulating so that he’s sure to enjoy it regardless.

Finally, let us introduce you to the Rocks Off 7 Function Naughty Boy Stimulator . This little guy is the ultimate prostate massager and is sure to leave any man with a smile on his face. A huge number of guys have still never experienced prostate stimulation, which can give you far more powerful and longer-lasting orgasms.

If you want to re-ignite the passion in the bedroom and have him excited to get into the sheets again, a prostate massager is a great start. By stimulating the prostate men can orgasm much harder, making sex more enjoyable and exciting.

Introducing Them Into Your Relationship

Depending on your relationship, introducing sex toys is either going to be a breeze or a struggle. You might find that your partner becomes defensive when you bring up the subject, often because they are jealous and feel that the idea of a toy hurts their ego.

This is why it’s so important that you can have an open and honest dialogue with your partner about why you want to use toys, how it can benefit both of you and exactly what you would want.

It’s usually not a good idea to surprise somebody with sex toys, primarily because they might feel pressured into doing something that they aren’t comfortable with. Discussion is critical, so that both of you are happy with what you are going to do.

One of the best ways that you can begin this introduction of toys in your relationship is by shopping together. Browse through our website or visit one of our retail stores together with your partner, laugh at the products that aren’t your thing and fantasize about those that are.

Alternatively, come and visit one of our stores. Not only does this give you a chance to see what the toys are like in real life (and how big they are!), it also allows you to talk to our staff; who can help you to pick out the products that are going to work best for you.

Making the purchase together can make it seem like more of a joint decision, rather than one that only a single person wants.

Secondly, it’s often a good idea to buy a toy for both of you. The jealous aspect can, in many cases, be solved by both of you having a toy that you enjoy. If your partner see’s you enjoying yourself with your toy, it can make them feel inadequate, but if you both have your own toy then there is far more equality, making it easier to relax and enjoy the moment.

Finally, remember to have fun. These products are there to supplement your sex life, to make it more enjoyable and to bring another element of pleasure to the bedroom.

Written by Jack P

Seth 3 October 2017 at 2:54 pm
My partner and I regularly use sex toys when we play together, not because we don't satisfy each other, but to add more sensations for us both. As a man I absolutely love to see my partner satisfied to the fullest, so rather than having feelings of inadequacy around sex toys, or like they are a replacement for me, I see and enjoy using them as a tool for creating even more orgasms for my partner, which turns me on to see and hear. A win-win :-)
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