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The Penis Augmentation Procedure - Calibre

25 May 2017 6 comments

Most men would be happy to have a bigger penis! Penis enlargers and penis pumps have risen in popularity in recent years as many men try to find ways to enlarge their manhood. So, when a friend of mine, Dr Jayson Oates, told me last year he’d developed a non-surgical penis augmentation procedure, I was intrigued. According to Dr Oates he’s now a world leader in this procedure. I almost said ‘cutting edge procedure’ but thankfully there’s no cutting involved. Well what is involved? I decided to interview Dr Oates to discover more. Here’s what I learned:

Penis AugmentationPenis Augmentation

My Question: What inspired you to develop this procedure?

Dr Oates: I have a cosmetic surgery business in Perth, Western Australia. In 2011 several male patients asked me if I knew anything about penis enlargement techniques. I didn’t so I decided to research the topic.

During my research I found a few articles authored by Korean urologists whereby they were injecting penises with cosmetic filler to thicken them. I also discovered an article written by an Italian urologist who included a link to a video of the procedure. I immediately realised that urologists were not experienced in injecting cosmetic fillers and that there was a business opportunity here.

Over the period of the next 2 years, with the help of some volunteer friends, I developed and refined the procedure.

My question: What exactly does the procedure achieve?

Dr Oates: Increased confidence through increased penile girth.

My question: Why would guys want to have their penis girth increased?

Dr Oates: Men now are much better groomed, can work on their fitness and physique but have never really had an option for their penis. Numerous studies show between 20 - 60% of guys are unsatisfied with the size of their penis. Guys have the same concerns about their bodies as women.

The penis is often referred to as a man’s ‘manhood’. When a man thinks his ‘manhood’ is inadequate this can lead to what has been referred to as “gender roll strain’. Media has been blamed as contributing to this issue (similarly for women’s body issues) where, for example, underwear models are photoshopped to appear to have a larger ‘package’ than reality. Pornography can also accept some of the blame for men often feeling inadequate. Male porn stars are usually far more well-endowed than the vast majority of men. So, men are being shown an unrealistic picture of what they should look like.

My question: What type of guys have this done?

Dr Oates: A diverse range of men aged from 20 - 65 years, some with small penises, most totally normal in size and some well above average size. Most guys just want to be comfortable and confident in the appearance of their penis. For some men, their logic is; "you can’t get too much of a good thing”. Occasionally it’s that their partner may have had a few children resulting in their vagina losing some of it’s ‘tightness’. In that scenario it’s an alternative to the woman having vaginal tightening surgery.

My Question: What sort of increase in penis girth could the average guy expect?

Dr Oates: Most guys get 10 to 20ml injected and that gives 2 to 3.5cm increase in the circumference of their flaccid penis. Usually this also results in a longer flaccid length and less “shrinkage”. The increase in the erect circumference is about half that of flaccid. Note, this procedure doesn’t result in an increase in the length of the erect penis.

My Question: What does the procedure involve and how long does it take?

Dr Oates: Following the initial consultation we schedule the procedure. On the day of the procedure, about an hour prior, the penis is wrapped in numbing cream under cling film. This results in a very numb penis meaning the procedure is totally pain free. We then use an injection to create an erection. A few small access points are created with a tiny needle. Then a blunt cannula (a diameter of 0.7mm) is used to gently inject the filler under the skin all the way around the penis. Some massage is required to ensure the filler is spread evenly around the penis, then the penis is wrapped in a tubular bandage. The bandage can be removed after 24 hours. The procedure generally takes less than an hour.

My Question: Is it painful during or afterwards?

Dr Oates: Occasionally guys will feel a slight twinge during the procedure but overall guys are surprised how little physical discomfort there is. It’s more of a slight tingle. About 20% of guys say their penis is mildly tender post procedure – but it’s generally not as issue. Sometimes the procedure results in light bruising to the penis although this only lasts a few days.

My Question: How long is the recovery time?

Dr Oates: Men can usually continue with normal activities right after the procedure - but they will have an erection that can last for a couple of hours. We advise guys to give their new thicker penis a bit of a rest for maybe a week, to minimise the risk of infection, although the reality is they could have sex that night if they were keen to try it out.

My Question: How long does the result last before the filler is absorbed by the body?

Dr Oates: We use the longest lasting Hyaluronic Acid filler on the market. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural sugar in the body tissue that holds water. Fillers are synthetic copies modified to increase longevity. When the same filler is injected into the face it generally lasts 18 - 24 months. Korean studies have shown that 90% of men who have had similar procedures retained 90% of the filler after 18 months. So, we believe our procedure will deliver an increase in penis girth for 2 to 3 years before the filler is absorbed by the body.

My Question: Is the filler harmful in any way?

Dr Oates: As a copy of a natural substance in the body, and with nearly 20 years’ experience of use as a filler in the face, HA has shown itself to be the safest filler on the market. There are risks of infection and what is called granuloma where it swells and gets firmer. We have had 1 guy develop granuloma - he quite liked it and did not want any treatment. HA is rapidly dissolvable with a medication, so it does give us the opportunity to reverse the filler if needed. Safety is paramount in any cosmetic procedure so Hyaluronic acid fillers are the obvious choice.

All kinds of permanent fillers have been injected in the past - silicone, Vasoline, hand cream, oils… by both doctors and non-medical people with all kinds of disastrous results. There is a popular medical permanent filler that’s used in Mexico and Korea - PMMA (Polymethyl methacryalte) which is microscopic balls of acrylic ‘plexiglass’. There are certainly guys that are happy with the results of procedures that use PMMA as a filler. But when things go wrong there can be long term problems that may require extensive and expensive surgery to correct. Because of this we don’t use permanent fillers.

My Question: Will the penis also be longer after the procedure?

Dr Oates: It will usually hang longer when flaccid, but the procedure does not produce any increase in the length of the erect penis.

My Question: How does the medical procedure differ from surgery?

Dr Oates: Surgery tends to involve cutting the suspensory ligament to gain length. It needs to be followed with a rigorous stretching regime for 6 months or the penis will revert to its original length or in some cases even retract resulting in a shorter penis. For girth, large pieces of skin and fat may be removed from under the cheeks of the buttock on each side. The penis is ‘degloved’ (skin totally rolled back from the head all the way to the base) and the skin/fat stitched along the shaft then the skin rolled back up. There is a long recovery period of many months, including several weeks in bed. Surgery leaves large scars under the buttock and on top of the penis. And I’ve heard of some guys spending up to $80,000 on the surgery and subsequent corrections of complications.

Essentially surgery is a lot more invasive, expensive, higher risk and still doesn’t guarantee a larger penis.

My Question: What are the risks of the procedure?

Dr Oates: The main risks are having bruising, minor irregularity of product (in fact we now usually do the procedure in 2 sessions to allow for this to be addressed), early mobility of product and infection. Some guys notice the product can move slightly following sex or masturbation early on, but the HA becomes integrated, and basically fixed in position, within 2 – 3 weeks of the procedure.

My Question: How soon can a guy engage in sex post procedure?

Dr Oates: We have had lots of guys say they had sex the same day of the procedure but we recommend a minimum of 3 days, and preferably 1 week, before having sex or masturbating.

My Question: Will a guy’s partner notice the increase in penis girth?

Dr Oates: Yes, partners definitely notice an increase in penis size!

My Question: Have you had good feedback from guys who have had the procedure?

Dr Oates: The general feedback is the feeling of confidence. And not just in the locker room or bedroom. Guys tell us how frequently the concern of a smaller penis crossed their mind, like when they’re at a public urinal or in bathers or tight pants, but once they have had the CALIBRE procedure they just stop worrying.

My Question: Will it feel different or work different?

Dr Oates: In the first few days, with some possible early swelling, it may feel a little soft under the skin when flaccid. Most guys say there is very little difference in feel when erect. It will not change erection performance or sensitivity.

If required it can also be injected into the glans (head) to increase the ‘flare’ of the glans or to decrease premature ejaculation.

My Question: What is the cost?

Dr Oates: Depending on volume between $4000 and $8000.

My Question: What is the general process?

Dr Oates: The hardest part is calling/emailing and booking a consult with one of our doctors (the cost is $100). If they’re happy to proceed then we book in the procedure asap. The procedure takes less than an hour (note the client normally applies numbing cream an hour prior). We then see the patient again 2 weeks post procedure to review the results.

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Jason 25 May 2017 at 7:31 pm
Please use me as a test subject, im begging you
Sally 29 May 2017 at 10:33 am
Im wondering how many men actually do get the courage to call and make that first appointment. I know my man never would.
Kristal 31 May 2017 at 11:14 am
I'm a firm believer that size doesn't matter, it really is what you do with what you have. However, I think this is great option for men. Women have so many non surgical cosmetic procedures available for them, it's great to see something like this available for the men. Instant confidence boost.
Maria 2 June 2017 at 10:09 am
This a great blog Malcolm, I am wondering if this can help guys that have erectile issues like a broken penis or guys that are diabetic or that have had an operation as I have spoken to a few guys lately with these issues. I love that it can boost their confidence, im with Kristal I think size does not matter but then im not a man.

Yours Maria
Diane. 14 June 2017 at 12:32 pm
amazing reading Mal , medical science has come so far . I wonder if it can be done on the clit ?
7 September 2018 at 8:57 am
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