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20 March 2014 7 comments

Last Saturday afternoon my girlfriend and I were walking up Perth's only nudist beach - Swanbourne. Whilst watching the usual nude beach volleyball game can be amusing we opted for a relatively secluded and private part of the beach to catch the sun on our bare asses. For me, swimming naked seems so much more liberating, invigorating and even a bit naughty. Maybe it's just the free spirit in me.


The nudist zone of Swanbourne Beach is often busy on sunny weekends. Years ago it was often the domain of both male and female strippers looking to get an overall tan. These days, due to the advent of all over spray tans, I doubt strippers head down to Swanbourne (or other Australian nudist beaches). So who does frequent Australian nudist beaches? Whilst I don't often frequent Swanbourne, the times I have been there recently, I've seen many groups of guys, guys by themselves and a few hetero couples. It's obvious many of the guys there are gay or bisexual. I did wonder why there were so many guys wandering naked through the sand dunes. The obvious answer is - because there are other nude men in the sand dunes. Who knows what they get up to as I dared not venture into the dunes.

I'm sure there are swinging couples that head down to Swanbourne beach from time to time. Is this an opportunity to 'size up' potential playmates? Perhaps, although generally I believe it's simply because they're exhibitionists to a certain degree. Or maybe, like me, they feel liberated and invigorated being at the beach naked.

Why Nudism?

So why does someone go to a nudist beach? I've been to nudist and clothes optional beaches in Europe (most beaches are like this) and the reality is that it's standard practice or a societal 'norm'. Families, with children of all ages, often go together naked at European beaches. It's not frowned upon at all - in fact wearing clothes at many European beaches is. When I first went totally naked at a European beach it was a bit confronting at first, however everyone else seemed quite nonchalant with the nudity. I settled in with ease.

In Germany some public parks have areas set aside for nudity ie. where people can play sport or lay about naked in the sun. It's hard to imagine that this is acceptable but in Australia public nudity in the local park would probably land someone in jail.

In Australia it's not generally acceptable to go to a nudist beach and in fact many Australian's have probably never been to one. Most beaches in Australia actually have rules disallowing women to go topless. In fact I've been rather appalled witnessing beach inspectors chastising women on some Perth beaches for going topless. Lying down topless is often tolerated but not standing up and walking around or walking to the water for a swim.

Is it the desire for exhibitionism that has women taking their bikini tops off down the beach? Is it perhaps that they don't want to get strap marks from the sun? Perhaps they're a touch rebellious and simply don't care what other people think? I like the fact that some people like to test social rules and boundaries. Challenging community standards enables societal beliefs and behaviour to evolve.

Whilst I don't like to be judgmental I think anyone who has a problem with topless women at the beach is probably a bit prudish.

Most people at some stage of their life have gone skinny dipping at night in a pool or the beach. In the right circumstances it can be quite exciting, although not so much fun if all of a sudden the pool lights come on and other people appear. When I developed the apartment complex I now live in, in Kings Park, the first draft of the By-Laws I had prepared allowed nudity in the pool and spa area on common property. My lawyer suggested I remove that particular By-Law which I did as I'd really only put it in to test the reaction of would be apartment purchasers.

I read with interest, whilst at the Naked Fig cafe on Swanbourne beach, on the weekend that the cafe is sponsoring an attempt to beat the current Guinness Book of World Records title held by 745 skinny dippers in New Zealand. The Naked Fig say the event, held on the 30th of March on Swanbourne's nude beach, is all about the celebration of bare flesh of all types and is supported by the Butterfly Organisation, a national charity for people with eating disorders and negative body image. The event hopes to promote positive body image by people embracing their own bodies. I think this is a great idea and I'm hoping to support the event in some way.

My First Encounter with Public Nudity

The first time I was exposed to public nudity was back in 1997 whilst attending the Venus Fair in Berlin, Germany. The fair is a business to business trade show where retailers can meet with manufacturers and distributors or adult products (sex toys, lingerie, adult films etc). Most exhibitors and attendees always stay in the same hotel - Hotel Berlin. After a few days in Berlin attending the show, socialising at night at the hotel bar and missing a fair bit of sleep, partly because of jet lag, I thought I'd hit the hotel gym for a workout followed by a sauna (in the hope it made me feel a lot better). All went well until I ventured into the hotel sauna with my gym shorts on and towel around me. I walked in only to be confronted by a number of female porn stars and one or two guys... all naked. I promptly backed out of the sauna apologising but was surprised when they called me back in and suggested I drop the towel and the shorts. It was hotel saunas each day thereafter for me.

Similarly when I was last at the Eurofame business to business trade show, for adult products, in Hannover, Germany, a couple of years ago, the local gym's wet area (which had 8-10 different saunas and various pools including an outside lake) was totally nude. I trained in the gym for an hour then spent considerably longer in the saunas and pool post workout. And I ventured back there a few times during the trip. Whilst this openly nude experience is quite the norm for Germans it's rather novel for Australians.

So how often should couples appear nude in front of each other? For some couples it's rare and for others they're always nude in front of each other. Can this dampen sexual appetites if couples see each other nude too often? Apparently it does for some people. Last year I was part of an interview in Los Angeles with Dr Ava, America's leading sexologist, where she interviewed a high profile couple about their sex life. She managed to flush out a few problems between them. There was a disparity between how often the female wanted sex and how often she had sex with her husband. I remember he complained to Dr Ava that his wife Courtney was always totally naked around the house and never put on clothes unless guests appeared or until they were about to go out somewhere. He said that whilst this was initially exciting for him the effect wore off after a while to the point where he wasn't easily aroused when she wanted sex. Dr Ava suggested she wear clothes, or at least panties, around the home most of the time in the future. I agreed with Dr Ava and personally like the idea of less nudity around the home lest excitement levels diminish over time.

I'd love you to share your views, or stories, on public nudity and also nudity around the house with your partner.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


sheridanb 20 March 2014 at 2:40 pm
Also worth noting for those who live south of the river that Warnbro beach is also a legal nude beach in accordance with By-law No.14 Clause 14 (3) with the City of Rockingham which allows for nude bathing on a 900m stretch at the south end of Warnbro beach. And with the beach being sheltered in Warnbro Sound means no waves and easy swimming for those not confident with ocean swimming and large surf.
Lizzy . 20 March 2014 at 9:32 pm
Warnbro is a much better beach than Swanbourne beach, not as many perverts in the sand dunes.and its the perverts that put off us nudists that just like to go to the beach and enjoy the sand & sea naked,yes i am a nudist and i belong to a nudist club(as i type this i am in club uniform)one of the 4 clubs in Perth,perhaps one day Malcolm you would like to join us on a club event and then you can see for yourself what we think about nudists and why we like to be naked
Kayt 22 March 2014 at 4:19 pm
I think nudist beaches can be a great way to flirt with exhibitionism! I often go down to Swanbourne with girl friends or my partner. I think like sex outside nudist beaches can be thrillingly, because you're nude outside in public! :) I do agree with Dr Ava about too much nudity at home can diminish excitement, who can forget the Seinfeld episode with Good and Bad Naked? :)
fairie1983 27 March 2014 at 7:25 pm
I have never been to a nudist beach...But it is something ive often thought about going and checking out how awesome to swim in the ocean naked only done that in a pool so in the near future I think I need to venture out and see what its like =)
PaulD 30 March 2014 at 9:32 pm
I've often been tempted to go nudie, at a recognized nudest beach. but think I would get an erection and be embarrassed. How is it regarded if/when this occurs??
1sttimenude 9 March 2017 at 11:41 am
Is there a blog where you can meet up with other nude bathers and not just rock up on your own looking like a pervert of its ur first time?
Chikki 20 April 2018 at 3:08 pm
Hi I am looking for Same information as you are I know it’s looks weird when we go by ourselves
Please let me know if you find any suggestions thank you
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