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My Top 10 Sex Toys

30 May 2013 4 comments

My girlfriend Tracey said in a recent blog post of hers "using sex toys is normal and healthy and can play a role in making women happier and more sexually satisfied". This isn't a revelation for me! I learnt when I was in my 20's that the introduction and use of sex toys in a relationship is not only a lot of exciting fun but it's also great foreplay.

Many men aren't keen on foreplay whereas for most women it's a must have! I think most men believe watching an adult film with their partner is foreplay (well it sort of is I suppose). Generally women need more than that! They need kissing, caressing, sex talk, stroking etc to get them aroused. Using sex toys together can not only heighten a woman's arousal but it can bring them to orgasm before the main event! This is a serious bonus for men. It not only means that a woman will be demanding the main event there and then but it also means she'll want to have sex more often (and we all want that...right). And for a man, if his sweetheart has already orgasmed (even multiple times), from the use of sex toys during foreplay, then the pressure to perform is totally diminished. Men can take a sigh of relief and let go of any anxiety after their partner has reached orgasm. And don't forget sex toys can be used throughout a sex session and not just during foreplay. I personally love using sex toys on a regular basis with my girlfriend Tracey.

I chatted with Mia, our very experienced Sexpert at, this morning about her in-store experiences (note she was our best sales consultant for years at our Innaloo store but she now works most of the time in our head office). Mia told me that it was very common for men and women to come into our stores saying that they or their partners could not or have never had an orgasm - either at all or internally. And she said that introducing a sex toy suitable to their needs often helped them achieve orgasm.

Mia also said, "Women need to explore their own bodies to know where and how they like to be stimulated. It amazes me how many young girls come into our stores wanting to know about their body and how to find their "G-spot", how to climax, and also how they can please their partners. It really is fantastic that we can offer such great advice and array of products to suit their individual needs. We often recommend one of the many educational books or DVDs to help in this area, with lots of very satisfied customers coming back for more!"

Some people have fears and hang ups about using sex toys. Even though its normal to be a bit concerned it's a shame we worry too much as most of these fears are unfounded. I'll step you through some of the fears I know people have:

  1. Men are worried they'll be REPLACED by sex toys. Usually it's because the toys can make women orgasm FASTER than a man can. Big what...get over it! Men want women to orgasm and to be sexually satisfied. If sex toys help that then surely that's a good thing. Seeing the glow of a woman's body and the smile of satisfaction after orgasm makes a man feel like a king...and even a stud! Men can be worried that if a sex toy (like a vibrator or dildo) is BIGGER than them then a woman will only want the toy and not them any more. Men needn't panic. It won't happen and I can guarantee it! No sex toy can ever replace the real thing...phew (I'm also personally relieved).
  2. Many women are often intimidated by sex toys. They worry that they'll get addicted to using them. And they worry that their partner will be upset or that he's concerned he's going to be replaced or perhaps that he won't 'measure up' any more.

Well no one needs to worry...we should all remember just one thing...and that's the fact that sex toys are an adjunct and not a replacement! I liken them to the entree before the main course. I know the use of sex toys with your partner will result in a lot more fun and satisfaction in the bedroom.

A few months ago a married buddy of mine told me his wife wanted to try using a sex toy without him initially and then together with him when she felt more comfortable. She was a virgin when it comes to the use of toys. I said I'd get him one as a gift for her. So he said to me "I don't know what toy she wants so you choose...but remember it mustn't be bigger than me". I then had to give him the 'don't worry line'. It was funny discussing which toy to get for his wife. I had to ask him a few awkward questions about what makes his wife orgasm. They weren't awkward questions for me but they were for him. Sensing his shyness I stopped the questions and decided to run with what get most women off...and that's toys that can stimulate the clitoris. Below I've listed my top 10 sex toys. I gave him 2 of these to give to his wife try (the We-Vibe 3 and the Lelo Ina rabbit). I'm happy to report that he raved to me how good they were. I've since given him 3 more toys and a few adult DVDs to watch.

Of course sex toys aren't always used with partners. Solo use of toys is very popular...and something I encourage everyone to at least try. The Fleshlight (a male masturbation aid) is for instance very popular with FIFO workers. It makes sense...what else can they do on lonely nights in a mining camp full of other men. I know women like to also use vibrators and other toys by themselves sometimes (and not just when they're single). Everyone needs a bit of self loving from time to time.

I might cover off choosing the right sex toy for you or your partner in another blog post. I just started thinking it through and realized that I could write volumes on this topic. Actually, whilst I'm thinking about future blog posts the thought occurred to me that I should cover off masturbating some time (I might need a Sexologist to assist me). Men love the idea of women masturbating particularly in front of them. Seeing women use sex toys is a huge turn on for most men (including me). Unfortunately women don't usually like to think about a man masturbating nor do they want to watch it. Hmmmm...this juxtaposition needs more thought and more discussion in the future.

So...for the men who haven't tried using sex toys in bed with their sweetheart let me give you a tip...get onto it and quickly!

Check out my top 10 sex toys below. This isn't a sales pitch as these aren't all the best sellers at but they're my favourites. I use them and I'm happy to recommend them :)

Once again I'd love to hear your views and comments.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


  1. We-Vibe 4 PlusWe-Vibe 4 Plus
  2. LELO Ina Wave Rabbit Style VibratorLELO Ina Wave Rabbit Style Vibrator
  3. Palm Power Mains-Powered Hitachi Style WandPalm Power Mains-Powered Hitachi Style Wand
  4. Lelo Smart Wand Hitachi-Style Cordless MassagerLelo Smart Wand Hitachi-Style Cordless Massager
  5. Icicles No 43 Hand Blown Glass DongIcicles No 43 Hand Blown Glass Dong
  6. Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch MasturbatorFleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch Masturbator
  7. Lelo Classic Luna Pleasure Bead System (orgasm balls)Lelo Classic Luna Pleasure Bead System (orgasm balls)
  8. S-Wet 10-Function Remote Control Wireless Cock RingS-Wet 10-Function Remote Control Wireless Cock Ring
  9. Womanizer® ProWomanizer® Pro
  10. Rocks Off RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet VibeRocks Off RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet Vibe
Natasha 30 May 2013 at 9:16 pm
You are so right Mal, most women definately need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. One of the most popular selling vibrators is the Lelo Soraya and from my experience it is by far the best toy I have ever used. The chrome handle is easy to hold onto for male to use on the female or female to use solo or female on female whatever your preference. Definately has the 10/10 Wow factor! Tell Trace she must try it and let us know how you rate it on your next blog post :) Nat
Chelle Fitzgerald 31 May 2013 at 7:21 am
#3 are very beautiful, quality wands!!! Great post!
Jeselle Arce 13 September 2013 at 6:11 pm
Thanks for writing. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about My top 10 sex toys topic. Thank you for sharing! Penis Extenders
Kayt 16 March 2014 at 3:14 pm
My all time favourite toy is the Lelo Soraya, it's a bit more expensive but worth every bit of it.I also love the Lelo Tiani 3 for couples. The remote control has been a lot of fun! Great post
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