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Let's Make Some Puddles

1 March 2018 16 comments

It’s the 3rd most popular porn search in Australia, yet rumor has it that anatomically only a small percent age of women can do it. Luckily the rumor is just that. Yes every woman is perfectly capable of female ejaculation and here are 9 steps to help every girl cultivate her female sexual energy.

Let's Make Some PuddlesLet's Make Some Puddles

The world is filled with age-old texts written by ancient civilizations who spoke of “the sweet nectar of the God’s” (female ejaculation). And they say we are more advanced now - one has to truly wonder. Female sexuality has a reputation of being ripe with mystery, complexity and can be a tricky terrain to navigate for many men but also women alike. Yet there is much sexiness in that mystery, women are enigmas (sometimes even to themselves) and we should bask in the deliciousness of its perplexity rather than attempt to analyse or define it. There is no doubt that a woman’s sexuality is interwoven with how comfortable she is with her own femininity and the softness that comes with it. It doesn’t mean women can’t play the role of a dominatrix queen - not at all. All it means is that due to years of female suppression, many women have hardened up and locked up their feminine goddess deep inside out of fear that they will get hurt, rejected or repressed yet again. It’s a “man’s world” and if a girl wants to survive in it she must toughen up and throw away the key to her soft, gentle femininity. Since the mind, body and soul are connected, it is no wonder that this attitude prevents a woman from truly connecting with and expressing her true sexual energy.

So let’s look at some steps to help the modern day Goddess experience some good old soaking wet fun: -

  • Relax your mind, relax your vagina; Midwives tell labouring mothers that in order to have a relaxed pelvis, they need to have a relaxed mind. It’s the same with cumming. Breathe, get comfortable, relax into the experience of receiving pleasure.
  • Open your mind, open your yoni; Let go of all past conceptions you may have about female ejaculation. You’ve got this, believe you are capable of squirting. Let go of past conceptions about sex, about women, about men. Redefine what it is to be female in an empowering way - not merely to “survive” in a man’s world, but rather to shine in your own right (girl power yay!)
  • Open your heart, open your lips; The more open and accepting the heart is, the more juicy yourvagina will be. The more closed the heart, the more closed your ability to sexually express yourself.
  • Learn where your magic spot is; Every woman is different - some gravitate towards clitoral orgasms, some toward vaginal, others orgasm from G-spot penetration and some anally. The psychology behind the human orgasm is obscure and perplexing, to say the least, with so much hidden in our subconsciousness. So really take the time to discover your body and learn where your on button is located. Build awareness of its sensitivity, build awareness of your sensuality. One way to do this is with the Icicles No 43 Glass Dong.
  • A bit about the magic button; the G-spot is a small gland located on the top wall of the vagina half way between the opening and the cervix (approx. 2-3inches inside). It can be stimulated through the vagina by pressing on a slightly ridged area at the centre of the upper vaginal wall. Many women can experience orgasms when this area is stimulated, so don’t be scared to play around and get to know this little magic spot of yours. Some women enjoy a “flicking” sensation of this area (so flicking your fingers up and down). You may wish to look at this nifty little gadget, the Lovense Osci, to assist you in discovering the exquisite world of G-spot arousal.
  • Breathe; The rhythm of our breath can open up different energy points in our body and allow sexual energy to move around more freely. Don’t force your breath, just ride it out whether it be slow and long or rapid and short.
  • Become aware of the fluid building up; For each woman it may be a slightly different sensation - feeling of an electric like energy, brewing inside her tummy, her perineum (area between vagina and anus), her legs etc. As soon as you feel it, don’t try to analyse it but rather go with its flow and be an observer - allow it to unfold.
  • Have the confidence to release it; Once your sexual fluids have built up in your body, you need to have confidence in order to release it. Unclench those PC muscles, unclench your mind. Lose yourself in the physicality of it, in the pure bliss of it. The perfect way to become familiar with your PC muscles is by using the Elvie Kegel Exercise Tracker.
  • Performance anxiety; Don’t get caught up in putting an overemphasis on ejaculation. If it doesn’t come (pardon the pun), there is no need to feel inadequate. The amount of fluid that each woman expels varies and in some cases may even go unnoticed. You can still orgasm without ejaculating. There is a lot of emphasis on how hot it is for guys when their lady lover squirts in bed. It is often times associated with some sort of male sexual virility and achievement. If you are reading this article because you want to be one of the sexy squirters so you can please the man in your life, then reconsider your approach as the female flood gates can only be opened when a woman truly embraces her own sensuality for herself and not for anyone else. Yes once you have joined The Squirters Club your partner will reap the benefits of it - but that is secondary. The most important point is to get in touch with one’s sensuality, femininity and live a life of orgasms. Oh and go get yourself a good mattress protector. Or two!

Now it’s your turn - tell me your female cumming experiences. Girls - have you tried it? What is your experience of it? Boys - have you ever had a partner who could squirt? Was it a turn on for you?

Watch this space for the “Want to make your woman squirt?” blog.

Written by Maggie May
Maggie May is a sexologist and a writer. She is a lover of all things sensual and sexual.

Brianna 1 March 2018 at 2:19 pm
It would be interesting to read something on the difference between squirting and gushing? I seem to do the latter more often. Also, lately I have been gushing a couple of minutes before actual orgasm. I spoke to some friends and they've told me that when they have squirted or gushed, it hasn't necessarily coincided with orgasm, which is interesting!
Maggie May 19 March 2018 at 7:46 pm
Thank you for your question Brianna. Essentially there is no major difference between gushing and squirting. Squirting refers to when a woman's sexual fluids are expelled in a squirting manner. Gushing refers to the same sexual fluids being expelled in a more substantial manner. Think a squirt gun vs tipping a bottle and pouring it out.

Gushing/squirting doesn't always coincide with a woman's orgasms - women are able to have orgasms without expelling sexual fluids so you could be squirting before, after or during your orgasm. Or not at all. Usually during squirting or gushing one can feel the vaginal walls tightening - but not always.

Have fun gushing!
Joanne F 3 March 2018 at 7:43 am
I found this article very interesting. There is so much that rings true inately especially with repression of womanhood we have grown so hard and cold and we are so scared of getting hurt. I think getting in touch with the female soft parts inside and out will allow us to be more sensual. I have felt this before in my life so know what you mean. The breathing is also very interesting thank you for sharing this piece I will go and try it on and hopefully with time something will start to develop as I would love to experience squirting.
Maggie May 19 March 2018 at 7:51 pm
I am glad that you enjoyed the article Joanne; empowering our own femininity and getting in touch with the goddess within is essential to unleashing the big O. As for breath - going with the flow of the breath and just letting it be will allow for the release to be far smoother.

I hope you are having fun exploring this incredible part of life - playing with ourselves and letting go (as if no one is watching) is really the best place to start.
BK 6 March 2018 at 8:57 pm
I like the bit about releasing it. I have felt like doing it but then when it was kind of bubbling up I would stop and think about it and got analytical and it would kind of fizzle out. So it’s interesting that you put it as one of the main points. I think 10. should say to practice all of the 9 Poopy bts regularly. I like that you gave steps girls can do in their own.
Maggie May 19 March 2018 at 7:52 pm
BK - it is so common for women to start analysing, and over analysing, what it is, where it is, why it is, how it is and then... It simply isn't any longer. You are not alone. Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get something positive out of it.
RaZoR 7 March 2018 at 4:06 pm
My wife is a squirter and it's fantastic.. but fir her it doesn't hsppen at the moment of orgasm.. for her it's just a great feeling on the lead up to cumming. For me it's a massive turn on, being covered in her bodily fluids, the sweet taste, they way she is just letting herself feel the moment.
Maggie May 19 March 2018 at 7:57 pm
RaZor - so many couples bond over the "phenomena" of female squirting. As I mentioned to Brianna, squirting doesn't always coincide with a woman's "dry" orgasm. Female sexuality is very complex and sophisticated (as is men's of course), so whilst there is the physical "evidence" of the euphoria (i.e., the wet stain on the mattress), there is also the emotional/mental side to an orgasm which isn't so tangible. I am glad you and your wife are enjoying some wet play. Being present in the moment is paramount if a woman wants to experience an intense orgasm. Whatever you're doing - you're obviously doing it right. Both of you!
Ben S. 13 March 2018 at 8:46 pm
My partner squirts but not with every single orgasm. She can sometimes orgasm without squirting. When she squirts she gushes which is the biggest turn on.
Maggie May 19 March 2018 at 8:00 pm
Ben S - Many men, like you, find gushing/squirting a major turn on and I can understand why. It calls to them and represents some form of achievement - a symbol of their sexual virility and competence as a Don Juan. And for many men seeing their partner in a state of pure bliss, enjoying the moment, enjoying their own body and their partner's body, is simply as good as it gets. So I understand where you're coming from. Thanks for sharing!
maxxjohnson 28 March 2018 at 3:22 am
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Linda Trinick 13 April 2018 at 2:07 pm
I had the great pleasure in experiencing this by pure accident. Opened my world up further. I thought I'd seen & heard it all. It blew me away and of course my partner was delighted, wanting me to do it over and over again. Considering I didn't know how I did it was the tricky bit but by listening to my body I could sense the triggers & control to the highest point then release following multi orgasms where I thought if I didn't stop soon I was gonna die but then hey what better way to die
17 July 2018 at 5:27 pm
Chris 14 May 2018 at 9:59 pm
Ejaculating and squirting are two different things..I constantly squirt within minutes of being touched/aroused and many many times. Can even do this with my brain. Some times I squirt when I ejaculate. Squirting is a clear fluid. Ejaculating is a creamy white fluid.
Mary Jane 1 June 2018 at 9:12 am
I am someone who never really got a lot of enjoyment out of sex and was never one to masterbate and had never had an orgasm but I recently purchased one of the Satisfyer toys out of curiosity and my god had that thing changed my life! Not only have I experienced the most mind blowing orgasms but I squirt/gush every single time. I literally use this toy every single day if not multiple times. It has opened my eyes to more exciting times!
Shelly 2 June 2018 at 4:17 pm
This was great to read. Its only recently started happening to me ( since purchasing the AMAZING womanizer
At first i wasnt sure what had happened, i honestly thought i had somehow pee'd . But no id actually squirted and it can happen after during or even without orgasm.
I would highly recommend the womanizer toy ladies - ive not touched any other toy since lol. It also spices things up with the partner as he enjoys both watching and having me squirt.
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