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It’s nearly Xmas and a New Year!

12 December 2013 1 comment

Last Saturday night we had the retail staff Xmas party at a hotel in Perth. It's that time of the year when our retail store staff, and some of our office staff, get together for a great night out. Staff drive from our three WA country stores and Maria, our Tasmanian store manager, flies in too. I don't often get time to visit our fourteen stores, nor meet with our retail staff too often, however when I do I wish I made the time to do it more often. wishes you a merry wishes you a merry Xmas

I learn so much from chatting with the retail staff. They're the face of the company and they're dealing with our customers on a daily basis. I get a lot of feedback from our staff as to the demographics of our customers, what our customers want and what's selling or not selling. This is important information that I, and our management team, need to successfully oversee and steer the business forwards.

At staff meetings I often quote a response from Jeff Besoz, the founder of, when years ago he was asked the question by a journalist; "how much time do you spend analyzing your competitors"? Jeff's response was; "zero, we spend all of our time analyzing our customers". Our staff and I have tried to adopt a similar philosophy at Until a business fully understands who their customers are, and what they want, they can never get the business strategy right (note the next step is to successfully implement the strategy).

I did suggest to Kimmy, our Gosnells store manager, on Saturday night that I might visit the store and wrap Xmas presents next week for her. The notion of me standing behind the counter and wrapping had her rolling around in laughter. Whilst I'm not the best wrapper I was keen to demonstrate to the staff that I was willing to pitch in and lend a hand as Xmas is our busiest time of the year other than Valentine's Day. Whilst I thought it was a good idea at the time (I'd had a few drinks) the reality is I'm probably not going to have time to do any in-store wrapping.

Whilst most of my robes and drawers at home are full of sex toys, I've bought my girlfriend Trace a We-Vibe 4 and a Minna Ola Rechargeable G-Spot vibrator. Both are new products that are selling really well. They're also my recommendations for Xmas presents. Note the We-Vibe 4 is far superior to the earlier models and because it can be used as a couple's toy, as well as for solo play, it can be a present for him or her.

What can I recommend you to buy from for him? Fleshlights and other male ‘self loving' aids are popular, even for guys who are in relationships. They double up well with adult DVDs. You should consider adult DVDs made for couples. A recent poll we ran on our Facebook page told us that 95% of respondents would join their partner if they caught them watching porn. A few also suggested ways to integrate using toys and role play whilst watching porn with their partner and couple-orientated DVDs certainly help with this! Note there are also plenty of sex toys that you can buy him to use on you. It's a win-win situation!

Every year I make a couple of New Year's resolutions. Normally they're along the lines of a) try and see my mum more often, b) go down to my Yallingup beach house more often, c) visit the stores regularly, d) get out in the waves more and e) do my best to get the work-life balance right. I suspect this year's resolutions will be similar however starting this week I'm endeavouring to visit our ten metro stores before Xmas.

It's a short post this week as I'm now off to visit our stores. Next post will be early January when I'm back at work. After my Xmas and NY holiday spent down Yallingup I should be refreshed and reinvigorated, have a better suntan, be a bit more flexible and chilled (I'm planning on doing some yoga at Sumudra in Dunsborough and plenty of stand up paddle boarding at local beaches) and I'll be ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead next year.

I hope you have a merry Xmas and a sexy New Year :-)

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Sweetchocolate 23 December 2013 at 12:43 pm
Great blogs, always interesting. Merry Christmas to Adultshop and you Mal. Keep up the good work. :)
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