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Interview with Chad Braverman from Doc Johnson

16 May 2013 1 comment

At AdultEx a couple of weeks ago I managed to steal Chad away from his Doc Johnson stand for a few minutes to have a coffee and get the inside scoop of what it's like to be the head man, along with his father Ron, of one of the largest sex toy companies in the US.

Chad, who has taken over much of the running of Doc Johnson, sees big opportunities and a bright future for the company that his father started in North Hollywood California in 1976. He flies all over the world mingling with adult industry celebrities and players and he's a lot of fun, but when we start talking 'shop' Chad's very serious about the business of manufacturing, marketing and selling sex toys.

I asked Chad to tell me about which Doc Johnson sex toys are best sellers today and some of the challenges the company is facing.

Chad's response:

Chad Braverman from Doc JohnsonChad Braverman from Doc Johnson

"Since 1976 DJ's has always done well focusing on the male market. Products such as rubber dongs & anal toys sold well back then and still continue to sell well. Our bestsellers really have stood the test of time and have maintained longevity in the marketplace. Some of our previously developed lines, like those in our Lucid Dreams range, are still growing in popularity and we believe they'll also have a long life cycle. In fact the Lucid Dream #14 won the Women's Health magazine (US version) Best Maxi Vibe Award in 2007 and is still a best seller today. Trends however have shifted somewhat over the years and now it's the female focused products like the iVibe Rabbit and the Pocket Rocket that are best sellers."

"We at Doc Johnson believe there currently exists a real opportunity in the sex toy industry focusing on men's health and wellness. This is fast catching up to be just as lucrative as the female health & wellness market (such as toys that are kegel exercisers….like Ben Wha Balls). Prostate toys, designed with men's sexual health in mind, will be part of new product lines that are of high quality, high end and all class, that we're exploring at the moment."

"It's amazing the impact technology has had on our industry. For example silicone became ‘the' material several years ago. Five years ago we had one machine manufacturing with this material and today we have 4 at our manufacturing headquarters in North Hollywood. Silicone products are still a relatively small part of our production but they're growing fast."

"We focus on our products having better power, better motors and using the best electronics technology can offer. The challenge with this is that we chase the technology, we don't create it. We rely on the big main stream companies to create new technology and then we adapt it to suit our products. This can sometimes however really impede the success of some of our products. For instance ten years ago we were the first to develop an internet enabled iRabbit that allowed two users to connect from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately when we developed this iRabbit we used the serial plug but then technology stopped using serial plugs and started using USB. Now wireless and blue tooth are forcing us to adapt again to the changes in technology."

"Doc Johnson has 2 distinctly different marketing challenges; to build our company brand and separately to build the brands of our individual products (like our new and very popular James Dean range). These days with social media such as facebook and twitter it allows us to be a brand behind the toys, not just an entity or business. We can have personality and engage our consumers on a whole new level. It allows us to have stronger product brand names, so hopefully consumers ask for a ‘Doc Johnson iVibe Rabbit' and not just a ‘rabbit'. We also have a complete online resource of product information, which we call The School of Doc. It's a comprehensive list of educational sheets for both consumers and sales reps in the retail stores and we believe this really helps consumers get what they're looking for."

I'll catch up with Chad again at the ANME show in Los Angeles in July where I'm sure he'll have plenty of new toys and products form DJ's to show me. In the meantime I look forward to my girlfriend, Tracey Jewel, and I product testing some of the toys he gave me.

This week I'm in Melbourne visiting the Calvista head office where I'll meet with Michael Bassett, our General Manager, and the other staff. Calvista has recently leased another adjacent warehouse to cope with the ever increasing requirement for more space. A few months ago we simply couldn't jam any more stock into the original warehouse (which by the way is huge and has a very high roof). We literally nearly had thousands of sex toys falling out of windows and doors onto the footpath. So it'll be interesting for me to see how both warehouses are now working together. Next week's blog post will be about my trip to see Calvista.

I look forward to hearing your questions and reading your comments.

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Jarrod 22 May 2013 at 10:54 am
Thanks Mal for another great read! Sounds like the iVibe would be the perfect early birthday present for the missus ;)
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