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I visit Australia’s largest wholesaler of Sex Toys

23 May 2013 3 comments

Rachael Marano at CalvistaRachael Marano at Calvista

Calvista, Australia and NZ's largest wholesaler of sex toys and adult pleasure products, has sold over 250,000 We-Vibes since 2008! The We-Vibe has evolved over the last 5 years from the original version to versions 2 and 3. We-Vibe have recently launched the Thrill. Yes, the We-Vibe is revolutionary...and its sales are certainly 'thrilling' to say the least!

I visited Calvista's head office and warehouse in South Melbourne last week where I met with Michael Bassett, the CEO, and the rest of the busy staff. By way of background I'm the Managing Director and largest shareholder of Calvista. I'm going to share with you what's happening at Calvista and how we source innovative new best sellers like the We-Vibe.

As mentioned in last week's blog, Calvista's Melbourne warehouse was, until recently, jammed floor to ceiling with sex toys and adult products, to the point where opening either roller door would have almost seen toys falling out onto the footpath (no I'm not exaggerating). Whilst the thought of this might have sounded appealing to some passers-by, I'm sure not all would have been impressed. We recently leased the adjacent 800 square metre warehouse to house some of the stock that we couldn't fit into the much larger main warehouse.

Michael Basset and the new warehouseMichael Bassett and the new warehouse

Over the last year Calvista has taken on some new ranges of sex toys like Ovo (from Germany) and also a new lingerie line Seven 'til Midnight (from the US). The new product ranges, coupled with the increased demand of Calvista's core products, like the We-Vibe, required extra warehousing space...and quickly! The new warehouse, and the installation of new logistical software costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, provides many benefits to Calvista and its wholesale customers. For instance it now allows to ship web orders on the same day we receive them (providing the orders are placed before noon). has always prided itself on great service and that's why working with Calvista makes so much sense!

The new logistical software we've installed at Calvista is state of the art! All products are bar coded and staff use wireless handset scanners when picking and packing orders. This eliminates mistakes ensuring what's ordered goes into the parcel. The software also provides with a real time stock feed of thousands of sex toys and other pleasure products meaning that only products that are in stock are offered for sale on the website.

I travel with Michael and Calvista's Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Bryan Bennetts, to international trade shows around the world. We're always looking to be visionaries bringing new pleasure products to Australia and NZ. We always encounter heaps of products that simply don't make our grade for various reasons. Our philosophy is simple...we only want to import quality products that we can guarantee (and of course that we'd be happy to use ourselves)! At these trade shows there are so many new products to choose from that we can afford to be fussy.


Bryan has been with Calvista for 24 years. He has a wealth of experience when it comes to buying sex toys. Bryan likes to sometimes meet in saunas with international manufacturers to discuss their products. Let me explain. A year and a half ago I visited the Erofame trade show in Hannover, Germany with Michael and Bryan. It was a great show with manufacturers from all over Europe and the US displaying all their new and best selling products. When we're travelling Michael and I like to hit the gym to try and stay fit, and we find a hard workout helps with the jet lag. We had no sooner checked into our hotel in Hannover when Michael and I decided it was a great time to head to the local gym (by the way one of the best gyms I've ever seen). Bryan was about to start a meeting at the hotel with a female representative from a US we suggested the 4 of us should head to the gym and talk business whilst training.

We all trained together for an hour or so and then went into the uni-sex wet area for a sauna (note there were 13 to choose from). If you don't already know, Germans are very say the least! Public saunas in Germany, like those in the gyms, are all clothes free (everyone's nude). In fact the wet area (saunas, various pools, open showers, ice baths and bathing areas) at this gym was at almost peak capacity and I didn't see anyone with pants on. It was quite surreal seeing people from the gym naked in the wet area after their training. For those of you who aren't accustomed to this it's quite confronting (although for me I found it fairly exciting). What I did find a bit weird was Michael, Bryan and I meeting, naked in the hottest of the 13 saunas, with the female representative who we were doing business with...where we did a deal to import some of their new products. In Australia this would be not only frowned upon but a chargeable offence. In Germany nude saunas are the norm! So our 1 hour workout was followed by 2 hours in the wet area. The following day I raced back to gym for another workout and stint in the wet area. I do believe there is a correlation between a healthy body and a healthy libido :)

Seven 'til MidnightSeven 'til Midnight

What have we seen at the trade shows in the last year or so that's really innovative? Obviously the We-Vibe is a stand out and our sales prove it! Its primary unique selling point is that it can be used by couples during intercourse. It's small and is shaped like a U. Part of it is inserted into the female with the vibrations stimulating the g-spot and the other side of the U is positioned on the clitoris (this part also vibrates). This provides simultaneous stimulation of the g-spot and clitoris AND the couple can also have penetrative sex at the same time. Maybe the right term for this is 'triple the pleasure' for the female?

We-Vibes's new toy, the Thrill, is designed for solo use by the female. The handle on the top makes it very easy to use. I've tried it with my girlfriend Tracey and it's a winner!

Whilst I'm not sure how popular they'll be - the new oral sex strips by Masque are certainly a clever idea. Basically either the female or male put one of the flavoured strips on their tongue before having oral sex. They're designed to encourage more oral sex (I don't mean just talking about it). Who knows...maybe men will be able to encourage their partners to swallow more if they use the Masque strips. It's certainly worth a try!

Over the last few years there has been a rapid decline in the sale of adult DVDs. And no it's not from lower demand or the influence of church groups. The decline can be attributed solely to the Internet and the proliferation of free erotica online. This decline in sales of adult DVDs has forced many such film producers to reassess their business models. Some of the more enterprising adult film producing companies have moved into the manufacturing of sex toys. New Sensations is now producing some amazing toys within their NS Novelties range. Similarly the producers of Third Degree and Zero Tolerance adult films have developed a range of toys under the brand Evolved Novelties. Marc Dorcell, the producers of French erotic films, that Calvista distribute, have also developed a range of pleasure products and men's sexy underwear.

The next trade show that Michael and I will attend is the ANME in Los Angeles in July. I'll let you know how that goes. In the mean time Calvista will continue to import 4 or 5 large sea containers a week of sex toys...and that number will continue to grow!

Next week I'm going to bring you my Top 10 sex toys. The reality is that I have dozens that I've tried and love (there are boxes full of toys all throughout my apartment) so narrowing it down to just 10 will be a challenge. I'll need Trace's input here :)

I'm keen to hear any questions, suggestions of comments about this week's post... so hit me up in the comments section below.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


Neil_Duckett 23 May 2013 at 2:36 pm
An interesting read, as always. Looking forward to the next installment already.
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amazing blog. simply loved it. thanks for sharing.
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Love it
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