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Hair Removal for Men

10 April 2014 10 comments

Should a real man trim or remove hair from and around his groin? Up until a few years ago this was probably only something gay men would do however these days it's becoming more prevalent with straight men. Why are more men becoming obsessed with 'manscaping'? And what do women think about it?

Hair Removal for MenHair Removal for Men

A few weeks ago my girlfriend Tracey was bemoaning how much IPL hurt when done on her most sensitive area. She previously had regular Brazilian waxing but decided that IPL was a better long term solution to ridding herself of unwanted pubic hair. When she complained that IPL was actually more painful than waxing I foolishly challenged her by saying that waxing didn't really hurt much at all. Years back I had my chest waxed a few times and I don't remember it hurting too much (not that I had a lot of chest hair to wax).

Tracey's response to my comment about the lack of pain was that she should wax my groin so I could see how much it hurt. Rather than take back my comment I told her to go ahead. I'd never had my groin waxed before and had never really contemplated it either. Of course it hurt like hell when Tracey peeled back the wax strips. I'm sure she purposely did it slower than required to ensure it was even more painful. I put on a brave face and didn't flinch. In fact I smiled and told her it actually tickled a bit (but I was secretly wincing in pain).

As I lay on the bed in extreme discomfort Tracey went into the bathroom to wash up. I noticed there were a couple of wax strips left so I decided that I'd continue the waxing experience, on my balls, with the objective being to demonstrate to Tracey that waxing was actually quite a pleasant experience. I stuck down the wax strip across one side of my balls, stood up, then proclaimed to Tracey that I was going to wax my balls and "what harm could it do". By the time she'd yelled NOOOOO it was too late. I was standing there gobsmaked looking down at part of my balls that was now red and shiny. With horror I looked at the wax strip and realised that not only was it full of hair but also a lot of skin and some blood. Then the pain really hit and blood started dripping onto the floor. Yikes, what had I done!

Facing Tracey, who didn't know whether she should laugh or cry, I had to admit that waxing the groin damn well hurt and maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. A bit later whilst Tracey was making dinner I decided it would be a good idea to use some of her Nair hair removal cream before showering to remove the remaining hair on my balls. I didn't see any point mentioning this to her nor did I see much point in reading the label other than a cursory glance. After unfortunately leaving the cream on for too long, and gritting my teeth whilst it leached into the skinless areas, I ended up with red raw hairless balls. Oh dear, my virginal experience at removing pubic hair was a disaster! It took me a few days before I could wear underpants as I couldn't bear the touch.

I don't think I'll ever consider IPL for my groin but I have used Nair a few times since my first calamitous experience. Now I quite like the idea of having a 'groomed groin'. Given I'm open to trying new things I'm going to try a professional waxing of the area sometime.

A few buddies of mine are quite committed bike riders. Most mornings they're pedaling along roads in their tight lycra pants and tops. They all shave their legs and arms. I used to think this was to make them more aerodynamic meaning they'd be able to go faster. And then I thought it was simply vanity that had them shaving so their legs and arms look more impressive. The truth is they do it to assist them in the event of a fall. Apparently having hairless legs and arms means they'll slide across the bitumen if they fall and they won't tear off as much hairless skin as it's less abrasive. It makes sense although I'm still sure they like the look of being hairless.

Last month I attended the IFBB natural body building and figure (very fit and sexy looking women in bikinis) competition in Perth. On stage there wasn't any body hair to be seen on the men or on the figure competitors. And I get this as body hair doesn't help show muscle definition. I'm a member of Next Generation gym in Kings Park and I often see guys in the gym with hairless legs, chest and arms. I understand the hairless chest but unless guys are about to compete in a body building comp, or maybe they're avid bike riders, then hairless arms and legs on guys still look a bit strange to me. In saying that, I try to not be judgmental.

I surveyed a few women I know to get their feedback on where or not they think a man should remove or trim hair from around his groin or other areas of the body. Most said they liked the idea of it providing their man didn't lose his masculinity and he didn't spend more time grooming himself in the bathroom than they did. They particularly liked the idea of performing oral sex on him when he was either hairless or had it trimmed. For those guys who struggle to convince their partner to perform oral sex they may want to consider trimming or going hairless. No one likes getting a mouth full of pubic hair! Guys generally expect and appreciate their partners trimming or removing pubic hair so why not return the favour. I think it's certainly something couples should consider discussing.

Now I know there will be some readers who have a view that men shouldn't bother trimming or removing any body hair whatsoever. Of course we all have different tastes and beliefs. Some women love hairy chests and some don't. I like to try and stay open minded where I can. I'm interested in your feedback on how much, if any, grooming men should do when it comes to body hair.

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anon 10 April 2014 at 11:31 am
If a man is expecting a woman to remove hair there, they should be doing the same. I like to remove hair as it feels better for me but far too many men expect woman to be bald but have an afro themselves! I'm not fussed either way as long as it's well trimmed, but balls without hair get a lot more attention!
petal 10 April 2014 at 11:59 am
As a woman i wax, and i do it myself at home have my own wax pot etc, my man loves the way it feels and i am sure he appreciates me doing it, so one day a year or so back after i finished on me, i jokingly asked him if i could wax him, and to my astonishment he agreed, i had asked my other 2 parntners in previous relationships, just to tidy up their eyebrows and they ran away in horror, so i was beside myself that this man was going to let me wax his privates. Well he took it pretty well,didn't seem to hurt him ( well that's what he told me) it felt and looked great for a few weeks, i have asked him again and again since to have another wax, but he wont be in it at all ( maybe it actually did hurt!) so now i trim him, i cant stand pubic hair in my mouth, and it looks so much neater and also guys it makes the penis appear bigger!!
Busta 10 April 2014 at 2:05 pm
I used to wax the whole area, now I get lasered. Not sure about the Tracey's experience, but it really doesn't hurt at all- and now all silky smooth!!
Donna C 10 April 2014 at 2:41 pm
I like a man to have hair on his chest, legs and arms (including underarms) because I think it makes him masculine. If I wanted to feel a hairless body, I could feel myself! I prefer a trimmed and tidy pubic area and NO hair on the back, shoulders bum or tummy.
Trimmed 10 April 2014 at 3:01 pm
I use a set of trimmers to keep my groin neat and tidy just gotta be careful around the scrotum but my partner loves it trimmed down there but still likes a hairy chest and a beard. Like you said its good for oral no one wants a mouthful of pubic hair
Rita 10 April 2014 at 5:18 pm
I wax everything as a woman ( I love to look elegant and feel smooth and silky) however on men chest hair - leg hair - arm hair is manly as for the groin area neat and tidy is good but shaving cuts my tongue not to mention other regions
scoobydoc 10 April 2014 at 7:11 pm
I do love a trimmed groin but not sure about the rest of the body. a man needs to look manly and getting rid of the body hair loses that manliness
Glenn 20 April 2014 at 12:50 pm
I have been shaving since I first started growing pubic hair. That was before it was considered by even the gay community. 1978 was the year I think... I just never liked the look of the bush - on girls OR guys - but especially on ME. Shaving arms, legs or chest has never been my style - but I guess if the person has the build for it, then it would look ok. I certainly appreciate a partner who has cleared the forest as it allows me much more scope for exploration when performing oral - rather than just focusing on the clearing between the trees :D
Tony D 22 April 2014 at 3:58 pm
We expect women to be shaven down below so I only think it is fair that men do the same. I have found the safest and most painless way is to trim with a pair of scissors and then use an electric shaver. You can shave above the penis and also all over the balls no pain at all. I find my partners love it
fairie1983 1 May 2014 at 1:07 pm
I prefer my partner trimmed down below there's is nothing worse than performing oral sex and getting a mouthful of hair "Turn off"' I also wax and its makes you feel nice I cant stand the look of hair down below ha-haBut he does have a hairy chest not a crazy hairy gorilla chest just a little bit and I find that quite sexy and manly =)
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