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Great Breasts

6 February 2014 5 comments

A few years ago I was driving through Times Square in New York when I looked up and was confronted with a huge billboard that featured a gorgeous model wearing a Wonderbra. There she and her glorious breasts were with the caption below reading: She can't cook...who cares! I remember wondering at the time if such eye popping cleavage could in fact replace culinary skills. In the short term they probably could!

Great BreastsGreat Breasts

It never ceases to amaze me how much most men love to ogle breasts, not just their partner's breasts but other women's breasts too. Bare breasts at the beach can certainly command plenty of attention however it's often the case that a glimpse of cleavage from the woman in the local shopping centre, gym or wherever can actually be more titillating. Obviously the allure of what's behind the bra is often more exciting than seeing bare breasts. In saying that, I have been the victim in the past of false advertising, where a woman has taken off her push up bra only to have me wishing she'd left it on.

If men don't have what they perceive as the perfect cock they're sort of stuck with it, unless they try penis pumps, stretching devices or surgery (this sounds quite scary), however if women want to, or need to for medical reasons, change their breast size or shape then surgery is quite a straight forward option. Cosmetic surgery for breasts seems to continue to grow in popularity. On my first trip to LA years ago I was not only astounded at how many women had silicone breasts but also how many had received them as birthday presents from their parents when they were just 16-18 years old. There were plenty of ladies I met in bars who were open in telling me about their breast surgery. In fact I remember some groups of ladies being quite competitive when describing their boob transformation. Of course I was happy at the time to offer my opinion on the look of their new boobs.

Whilst discrete glances at cleavage may be acceptable groping women's breasts in public is not. I'm co-owner of The Court Hotel, which is the only gay and lesbian hotel in Perth. Since I split with my ex wife, I haven't been there much although I miss it sometimes. There used to be a good looking young gay guy there who liked to squeeze straight ladies breasts at the bar. Amusingly, after asking permission, many women were happy for him to squeeze their breasts, sometimes in front of me. Obviously there was nothing sexual in it. He jokingly suggested one night that I should act gay in order to get to manhandle breasts. Of course I laughed it off as a rather foolish idea however I remember thinking that some straight guys would consider it ingenious.

Do men like or prefer fake breasts? I personally don't like the use of the term 'fake'. Yes it generally means they have implants or they're not natural, but so what, they're still breasts and they can look and feel natural; even after a cosmetic enhancement procedure. I've seen some great 'boob jobs' and I've seen, and felt, some shocking ones! I remember an attractive porn star I met in Vegas years ago who had huge saline implants. I could feel the bag underneath the skin and I could hear a 'sloshing' sound when she moved. To me they looked way too big and the fact that they not only felt unnatural but sounded unnatural, was a serious turn off. Some of the implant operations years ago left women with horrid scars, wrongly positioned breasts, nipple problems, odd and uneven shaped breasts and other unacceptable results. Today cosmetic surgery for breasts is far more advanced with the end result often looking very natural to the point most men wouldn't be able to tell if the breasts were natural or not.

I personally have no preference for natural or enhanced breasts and I'm sure that's how most men feel too. All men are different when it comes to what's important to them aesthetically when assessing breasts although I know most men often focus on shape and symmetry rather than size. When it comes to physical attributes some men aren't that fussed about breasts, they're more interested in a woman's legs or ass. Obviously it doesn't really matter how great a women's breasts are if she's a drama queen or someone who a man just doesn't get on well with. Wonderful breasts don't make a woman alluring irrespective of how good her cooking skills are or aren't. In saying that I've often heard the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. My response to that is that if women think that's the only way then they're aiming a touch high.

A few years ago a friend of mine who was a stripper sent me nude photo's asking me if I knew the editor of Penthouse magazine here in Australia as she was desperate to be featured in it. As I had a good relationship with the staff of the magazine I sent them her photos and sure enough a few months later she appeared as the glamorous centerfold. She went on the win Penthouse Pet of the Year and was featured again in the magazine. At the time she had amazing perky B cup breasts and I thought they were perfect! To my horror I saw her out one night not long after with new D cup breasts. These looked good but I definitely preferred her natural breasts.

Ultimately if a woman wants to have cosmetic surgery on her breasts I believe it should be because she wants to, not because her partner wants her to have it done. If she genuinely believes she'll look better after then this can have quite a positive emotional impact upon her disposition and confidence. And a confident woman is usually more sexy and appealing. I have seen women who've had children and then have had breast augmentation and a 'lift' all of a sudden start wearing braless singlet's out and about proudly showing off their new 'assets'. Very uplifting indeed!

Breasts aren't all about the size and shape. How a woman's nipples and areolas are formed can make a big difference to whether or not she has great breasts (in her eyes or others). Many people aren't happy with their bodies and would ideally like to change something if they could. I had a girlfriend years ago who was very shy about exposing her breasts to me as she had inverted nipples. While we were together she had surgery to correct this and it was quite astonishing how her personality changed. Post operation she spent more time topless with me than in clothes! And she wanted to take her bikini top off down the beach at every opportunity. I was quite amazed, and happy for her, at how much more confident she was with her appearance.

I'm chairman of Breast Cancer Care WA and I'm obviously very mindful of how some women with breast cancer, or those that are at risk of developing breast cancer, opt for breast removal (mastectomy or double mastectomy) and replacement with implants. Angelina Jolie headlined news a few months ago for having a preventative double mastectomy in order to dramatically reduce her risk of developing breast cancer. She was seen as very courageous and has since inspired much debate on this topic.

I've only briefly touched on my own subjective view of what makes breasts great here in this post. I'd like to hear your views!

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Heidi Hussey 6 February 2014 at 6:44 pm
I think women need to be careful getting breasts when they are young (18-20) moving from a B to D might feel fine while your a size 6 but what about when your in your 30's when that D becomes even bigger! It would be hard to go back when things are stretched!
John 6 February 2014 at 7:09 pm
Personally I don't like 'fake' boobs at all. The look and feel of natural breasts is so much better it's not funny, normally you can stop fake boobs a mile off and it's not a turn on. Women seem to think that they need to have bigger boobs to be attractive but, as mentioned in the article, smaller natural boobs are often better.I hired a topless poker dealer for a bucks night, the girl had fake boobs (big surprise, I know). Anyway she got us to individually motorboat her, and said afterwards she'd broken a guys nose with her boobs - I believe her. Very hard and not pleasant at all to feel, and not great to look at.Much like with a guys cock bigger does not equal better.
C 6 February 2014 at 9:22 pm
I have always been of the opinion; if I can see them, and touch them, they're real.
Cranium 59 7 February 2014 at 7:20 am
Another amazing and insightful blog. My wife and I have had some interesting discussions thanks to you. My preference is that self confidence is the key to how women accept their bodies. Celebrate the small, medium and large !!!
Kate 9 March 2014 at 2:17 pm
Breasts are such an amazing thing! I loved your comment about the gay guy who enjoyed having a squeeze. Even us girls all like to squeeze each others and there's nothing sexual about it. I think every man and woman really love breasts no matter what shape or size - they're all fun!
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