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Foot Fetish

30 April 2015 3 comments

Foot FetishFoot Fetish

The legendary porn star John Holmes had an exceptionally huge penis, but it wasn't quite a foot! In fact, the insertable length of the John Holmes Dildo is just 5cm short of a foot! Is it the extra large penis that women are referring to when they say they have a foot fetish? John Holmes reputably slept with over 3,000 women and I'm sure some of those conquests would say yes to this question however the answer is no. So what is the definition of a foot fetish?

For years there has been some suggestion that there is a correlation between the size of a man's penis and his height or shoe size ie. the taller a man is, or the bigger his feet are, should equate to a proportionally larger penis. According to previous studies by urologists there is no empirical evidence to support this theory. In fact in 2002 a study from the University College Hospitals in London measured the penises and feet of 104 men and found no correlation whatsoever.

Intrigued by the possible correlation the distinguished researchers Masters and Johnson conducted research by measuring the penis length of over 300 men. The longest organ was 5.5 inches (14 cm) in its flaccid state - this man was only 5'7" tall (170cm). And the shortest penis measured 2.3 inches (6cm) in its flaccid sate – this man was 5'11" (180cm). It's interesting to note that John Holmes was only 6'2". So for any women who might have a foot fetish based upon their belief a taller man with a larger shoe size indicates a larger penis then they're simply misguided. Shorter men with smaller feet can breathe a little easier!

When someone has a foot fetish it really is only about feet, or in some cases, feet adorned in particular footwear; like stockings and stilettos. This is not to be confused with a shoe fetish, of which there are 2 types of people. Firstly the person who is actually sexually excited by what footwear another person is wearing and secondly there are people who just love owning lots of shoes – Imelda Marcos is a former first lady of the Philippines who was best known for her collection of over three thousand shoes.

For those that have a sexual interest in feet or footwear it can be all about the size and shape of the toes or even other parts of the feet like the arch. Many women have pedicures and paint their toe nails without any consideration for the sexual arousal that may result. And jewellery designed specifically for feet, like toe rings and anklets, can further enhance the attractiveness of feet – although it's not always a sexual attraction.

Foot WorshipFoot Worship

Foot fetishism is the most common form of sexual fetish related to the body! So what does someone with a foot fetish do when they're able to feast their eyes on them or even touch them? Some people just want to look at feet (with or without footwear), particularly if they're well manicured. Others like to watch women rubbing them. Most people with a foot fetish simply can't reach a sexual climax without feet being involved somehow (usually deemed foot worship) – whether it be sucking, licking, caressing, smelling them or using them to masturbate with. And yes there's a stigma attached to this as to most people such foot worship is cringe-worthy. I'm sure it's of no surprise to learn that it's quite easy to find porn films online where women use their feet to masturbate men as either foreplay or to bring them to ejaculation.

Some people who have a foot fetish get off on feet binding or BDSM with either tickling of the feet involved or slight pain being delivered to the feet whilst they're physically restrained ie. using a cane to strike the arches of their feet whilst their hands and legs are trussed with ropes. It's quite common for a female dominatrix (a BDSM practitioner) to insist that their subservient worship their feet or risk punishment. And in the case of a professional dominatrix it's hard for most people to imagine that someone with a foot fetish would pay hundreds of dollars an hour to be made to worship someone else's feet.

Did Tarantino get it right with his ‘Foot Fucking Master' scene in his highly acclaimed film Pulp Fiction? In this scene John Travolta proclaimed that a man giving a woman a foot massage was comparable with giving her oral sex (to which there was some debate with Samuel L. Jackson). I'm not sure if he meant that it was for a man's pleasure or a woman's. Whilst I, like most people, enjoy a great foot massage I don't fully appreciate John Travolta's perspective.

Where did the concept of foot fetishism originate? There are several theories, including from scientists who say that sensations in the feet and genitals both transmit to the same area of the brain, so there could be some accidental crossover there. But why would it persist through thousands of years of evolution? The answer appears to be disease. Some researchers have hypothesized that foot fetishism increases as a response to epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases. Studies have shown that interest in feet as sexual objects increased during the great gonorrhoea epidemic in 12th century Europe and again with the syphilis epidemics in the 16th and 19th centuries in Europe. Similarly during the worldwide AIDS epidemic there was an exponential increase in foot fetishism. During these periods foot play was viewed as a safe sex alternative to intercourse. Some researchers have another view – they've hypothesized that the sexual focus on female feet is the result in the increase in the power of women over the years (with men becoming more subservient to women).

The stigma attached to foot fetishes probably won't disappear anytime soon. Most people still think it's weird if someone confessed they had a foot fetish. Whilst I'm broadminded and generally don't judge what turns someone on I'm certainly interested to hear why someone has a foot fetish.

I've only touched on foot fetishism so for the benefit of others if you'd like to share your views then please go ahead and comment. And as I'm planning on covering off more fetishes in future blog posts I'm interested in hearing from you if you have any unusual fetish stories or anecdotal evidence of such.

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Kristal 30 April 2015 at 1:29 pm
Whilst I don't have a foot fetish, I always admire a pretty pair of feet, and I love getting pedicures. In saying that, Belladonna's Foot Soliders dvds are pretty awesome though. :)
H.R Dahmer 3 May 2015 at 2:59 pm
I believe Tarantino got it right in a way. I think anything can or could be interpreted sexually, including a foot massage. Though, this would depend on the circumstances and individuals involved. Personally I don't have a foot fetish either, though when it comes to fetishes I always like to analyse the individual's past experiences to see what possibly could have contributed to them having said fetish. I would love to see your perspective on asphyxiation.
Master 11 March 2017 at 7:53 pm
some very interesting reading here, as mentioned there is a huge stigma to the fetish but this is one where no one gets hurt and as long as everyone is happy I think it should be enjoyed and celebrated. has a number of pleasurable videos for anyone who has the fetish (I keep typing feetish the have to correct) to enjoy. I look forward to reading more of your fetish posts
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