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15 May 2014 5 comments

Recently a young guy rang the head office enquiring about massive dongs. Apparently he'd been into a number of our stores and couldn't find one big enough to accommodate his petite nineteen year old girlfriend's fetish for super large phallic shaped objects. We couriered him something which I believed ought to have been a door stopper. It was a sample we'd received a while back. Our admin staff had all laughed about the size (it was almost the size of a new born baby) and had packed away in the 'not for sale' box. To the utter amazement of our staff the guy's girlfriend rang a few days later raving about how great her new 'toy' was. For me the tale was almost too incredulous to be true. In fact I likened the insertion of it by her to a David Copperfield magic trick.


I've learnt not to judge an adult's sexual predilection (unless it's illegal or harms another person). One person's obsession, fetish or fantasy is another person's reality and perhaps another person's disgust. We all have differences in regard to what turns us on and what sexually arouses us. There are fetishes that society might call vanilla, like the preferences of brunettes over blondes. Then there are other fetishes that might be deemed weird; like adults who prefer to have sex in furry costumes or who like to be tied up, blind folded and gagged in order to achieve sexual arousal. Most adults would be sickened and abhorred by the thought of golden showers (urination on another person or whilst another person is watching) yet there are many adults and who find the act sexually stimulating.

I once had a female complain to me that a good friend of mine "was a weirdo"! We were at a function and he'd taken her into the disabled toilet on the auspices (promise is probably the more apt term) of 'great sex'. Note I don't advocate sex in disabled toilets but some people seem to approach this with reckless abandon. Anyway her complaint centred on the fact that once they were in the toilet he dropped the toilet seat down and sat on it masturbating after requesting she squat down on the floor and urinate. He then made her mop it up with tissue paper afterwards whilst he slumped backwards in post-orgasmic bliss. There was no 'great sex' for her (it appeared that he'd lured her their under false pretences). I agreed that I thought he was a bit weird!

I believe there are fine lines between fetishes, fantasies and standard things (maybe you'd call them obsessions) that turn a person on. For instance many men love seeing women in lingerie. Is it something they fantasise about or is it a fetish? You might say it's simply a fantasy but for some men they obsess so much about it that it's probably a fetish. Having sex with a woman in stilettos (and maybe with stockings and suspenders on) is a common male fetish. What about women who fixate on well hung men? Is this a fetish or is it just something they prefer and not something they'd consider a fetish?

Big breasted women is a fetish which has been the subject of many porn films over the years. These days natural breasts, probably because they're not as common as they used to be, are featured more often in porn films. They're now a popular fetish. Early porn films featured women with pubic hair (and they had an abundance of it too, not just a strip down the middle), whereas these days female porn stars have no pubic hair (nor do most male stars). Hairy women in porn films is nowadays a fetish (although I couldn't say how popular the fetish is).

A few years ago I flew my mum (a diehard Eagles fan) to Adelaide to watch an Eagles football game. Coincidentally Sexpo was on the same weekend and had a booth there selling sex toys (we no longer attend Sexpo's). My mum, who's only 68, thought it would be a great idea if I showed her around Sexpo whilst she was in town. I'm not sure if she really wanted to look around or simply wanted to spend time with me. I wasn't that comfortable fielding questions from her during the Sexpo walkthrough. In fact, when confronted at one of the booths by a pair of rubber feet (with a gap between the middle of them), my mother looked at me rather quizzically and asked me why someone would buy them. Luckily for me Peta, my PA, tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of a meeting I was due to attend allowing me to duck answering mum's question. It's hard for me to picture someone feverishly worshipping a persons foot (and I don't mean a twelve inch penis).

Many people 'get off' on watching porn. Not just films but live sexual acts (I've seen it on stage in Amsterdam). Dogging is a practise whereby couples have sex, usually in parked cars, and people watch them through windows (I assume the windows are up and the doors locked). The couple allow the person, or people, to watch. Apparently it heightens the couples sexual experience. I don't know too much about the practice although I've heard it's quite popular in the UK and also along some Perth beachfront car parks.

Pegging is a fetish that's become quite popular over the last few years. It's the practise of women anally penetrating men using a strap-on dong or vibrator. I get feedback from our in-store sales staff that more and more women are buying strap-ons to penetrate men rather than other women (which was the general domain of straps-ons until not long back). I had an ex girlfriend of a good friend of mine recently boast to me at a bar that she used to do it all the time with him. And she went on to tell me how much they both loved it. At the time I really couldn't picture it, nor did I want to actually believe it. Again I had to remind myself that I shouldn't judge the fetishes and fantasies of others.

Back in 2001 entered into a deal to purchase one of the largest online adult retailers in the US (they were based in San Francisco). They also had a very successful adult video on demand (VOD) business that was run through the same website. Unfortunately the deal fell over during the due diligence period. Whilst conducting due diligence in their San Francisco office I remember how astounded I was when analysing the VOD business. Their most popular VOD category was transvestite with 22% of the sales. I remember debating with the business owner why transvestite sex was the number one fetish and why the sales of transvestite films made more money than 'main stream' porn. We both concluded that it was the 'wow factor', rather than the sexual acts with transvestites, that made the films popular. Nowadays I'm not sure if that logic is still correct. Anal was the second most popular VOD category. Whilst anal sex is still termed a fetish it's probably accepted as 'normal' in western society today.

Two years ago whilst attending the Erofame adult business to business trade show in Hannover I met a European porn producer who was desperate to sell me films to distribute in Australia. We discussed the opportunity over a quick lunch. He told me that he only produced two types of films; midget porn and films with pregnant women (not together I'm happy to say). I told him that I definitely wasn't interested however I might be interested if he could find another genre that was different from the standard run of the mill porn films.

Last year he tapped me on the shoulder at the ANME trade show in LA. He proudly proclaimed he had just the genre for Australia as it was different and he'd produced half a dozen of the new films that were selling well in Europe. His eagerness was overwhelming, well at least until he saw the negative look on my face when he told me the fetish he was now shooting extremely well hung midget transvestites. Back in the office I had my staff at in fits of laughter when I told them about the conversation. It was a fetish we weren't remotely interested in.

I could write volumes on the topic of fetishes however I've decided to merely touch on a few points. In conclusion it's fair to say that the range of fetishes is wide and varied. A sexual fetish that will have someone cringing at the thought will have another person salivating at the prospect. One man's fetish is another man's norm is another man's revulsion!

I'm interested to hear from you as to what you perceive as normality and what fetishes you're interested in.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


MrsP 15 May 2014 at 12:07 pm
Why is one thing called a fetish when to another its perfectly normal? Big breasted, plus size, humping soft toys, BDSM, what ever it is, should it have the word "fetish" attached? Or should we simply accept we all have a different degree of "normal?" I know when I sell the most exotic/unusual products in the shop, I will not ever judge the customer, it may not be for me, but they are thrilled to have found the purchase they have been seeking. When the customer is happy, I am happy :)
Kate 15 May 2014 at 3:20 pm
Just this morning I was watching Entourage and one of the episodes deals with a very interesting fetish called 'furry' or 'plushing.' Apparently this fetish involves dressing up in large fluffy animal costumes whilst having sex...this was a new one for me!
pee crazy 15 May 2014 at 4:01 pm
I've always gotten off seeing guys pee and I don't mean in a toilet. Anywhere else I enjoy. Don't even mind the sight of guys peeing in their undies. Sadly there are no porn movies that I've found of just this as I'm not a fan of guys doing anal and lots of cum shots so I rely a lot on porn sites. While they provide a good range I think I'm still hanging for an actual movie of a guy with a nice cut package who has a good body. I hate telling people of my fetish I feel ashamed almost. I've only met 1 guy who was keen to try for me I greatly appreciated him going out of his way to try and arouse me. In person though it wasn't the same. I still don't understand it but am hoping I find the right guy to try it for me again some day.
gstring 16 May 2014 at 1:15 pm
I'd like to have a girl pee on me. its a shame more don't enjoy this.
Peefantasy 14 July 2014 at 1:30 pm
Oh wow, it is hard to find other people with pee fetish, I think my pee fetish extended from when I had a girl who was a squirter. I would more than happily let you watch me but only if I can watch you! :P
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