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Female Ejaculation and Squirting

10 October 2013 7 comments

One particular night when I was in my mid 20's I found myself in unfamiliar territory; I was performing oral sex on my girlfriend when all of a sudden she forcibly expunged large volumes of clear fluid. Apart from soaking my face, hair, upper body and bed linen I accidentally swallowed a lot of the fluid and nearly choked! I remember chastising her thinking she'd urinated on me. She then explained to me that it wasn't urination. Unwittingly I was witness to the phenomena colloquially known as squirting or gushing.


There exists plenty of intense debate about the existence of female ejaculation and squirting. It's because of this debate that many people often interchange the name of these two very different phenomena. Female ejaculation is widely considered to be a thick whiteish fluid that comes from the female prostate, whilst fluid from squirting is clear and abundant and is thought to come from the urinary bladder or the Skenes glands. The Skenes glands are small glands located just below the G-spot. After doing a lot of research online I was left slightly confused, as to the exact origin of squirt fluid.

Modern Technology

Even with modern medical technology and testing available today debate still rages in relation to the mere existence of female ejaculation and squirting, particularly between feminists, female sexologists and male sexologists. Radical feminist writers like Sheila Jeffreys (1985) are dismissive of female ejaculation and squirting claiming they're nothing more than a figment of male fantasies. Female sexologists are often found to be accusing male sexologists of naivety or trying to hold back the existence of particular women's pleasures like female ejaculation, squirting and even the actual existence of the G-spot.

I've personally debated with the Office of Film and Literature Classification in Australia (OFLC) as to the existence of female ejaculation and squirting. Their hard line attitude is that neither phenomena exists. They also firmly assert that both are urination by another name. Even after I've provided them with letters from doctors advising them of the contrary they are still adamant regarding their subjective views.

Adult Film

For an adult film to be classified X18+ in Australia it must conform to the OFLC Guidelines. The Guidelines require films with fetishes to have such material edited before they can be classified as X18+ (by the OFLC). The OFLC consider urination a fetish and thus female ejaculation and squirting scenes (because of the OFLC's uninformed view) must be edited from a film before it can be classified X18+. If the material isn't edited from the film then it would be deemed RC, or Refused Classification, by the OFLC. To be in possession of such a film in Australia that is unclassified, but would be RC if subsequently classified, is a criminal offence punishable by jail.

Many porn films today show female ejaculation and squirting. I think it's a shame that Australian adults don't have the legal right to view such films due to the archaic approach of the OFLC. I note that these films are however readily available for streaming and download from the Internet (and they're legal in many counties including the US). This further demonstrates how illogical and inconsistent the Australian censorship laws are. I'll do a separate blog post regarding Australian censorship laws another day.

Conjecture aside I've had a number of girlfriends over the years that were able to ejaculate and also squirt. I can confirm first hand that they're both different phenomena. It's also important to note that women can differ in how they experience both or either. All women, in theory, have the physiological ability to ejaculate and/or squirt. In qualifying that statement not all women want to ejaculate and/or squirt, and for those that do want to they're not always able to. For those women who want to ejaculate or squirt, but can't, this can potentially trigger performance anxiety or even perceived sexual dysfunction. I see this as a problem because whilst most men like the idea of female ejaculation and squirting it isn't a prerequisite to sexual fulfillment.

Women can ejaculate or squirt without simultaneously orgasming. What this means is that just because a woman is ejaculating or squirting it doesn't mean to say that she is also orgasming... however it's often the case that she is orgasming at the same time or not long thereafter.

So how do you make a woman ejaculate or squirt? Here are my suggestions:

How to make a woman ejaculate or squirt

  • Talk about it beforehand. You both need to be reassured it's not urine. This will allow the woman to relax and 'let go'. If she believes its urine then it simply can't happen primarily due to the embarrassment factor and the potential offensiveness of the act of urinating on you.
  • You'll need a towel, or a few towels in some instances. If it's going to be a regular occurrence then a mattress protector is a must have item. I've also successfully used a special waterproof blanket (Fascinator Throe by Liberator)
  • Get her excited first! Yes, turn her on to the point her mind is totally relaxed and she's ready and wanting sex. This is very important (it's sort of like a warm up before exercise)!
  • Women can ejaculate or squirt via stimulation of their clitoris or their G-spot. Normally it's the stimulation of the G-spot that does it, or a combination of having both the clitoris and G-spot stimulated simultaneously that makes it happen for most women. The clitoris can be stimulated using a tongue, fingers or a sex toy. The intensity needs to be varied to find what she likes. Finding the G-spot can be a bit tricky. It's located about one to two inches inside a woman's vagina on the inside wall. The easiest way to find it is to insert a finger (or two or three) whilst a woman is facing towards you and pull your fingers in a curling motion towards you... like a 'come hither' approach. The G-spot is generally a raised area that feels different (with usually an uneven surface similar to the exterior of a walnut shell). Note that if a woman is not fully aroused you may not 'feel it' nor may she get any enjoyment out of you touching or stroking it.
  • Once you've found the G-spot you can use your fingers to stimulate it or you can use sex toys that have a curve in them. You can sometimes stimulate the G-spot with intercourse using particular positions. Whilst different intercourse positions work for different people I've found what works best is if the man is lying on his back and the woman is straddling him on top sitting upright but leaning forward with her hands on his chest. In fact this way allows the woman to set her own pace whilst stimulating her G-spot with his cock and simultaneously stimulating her clitoris by rubbing it across his pubic region (it works better with minimal or no pubic hair on both the female and male). Similarly if the man kneels in an upright position on the bed and the woman straddles him (be careful of his lower back) then this intercourse position is a great way to hit the G-spot and bring on a woman to ejaculate or squirt.
  • To stimulate a woman's G-spot with your fingers it's easy if she's facing you and straddled over your chest whilst you're lying on your back. For a man this is a real turn on as he's able to watch the female ejaculating or squirting. Again he needs to use his fingers with a 'come hither' approach with varying intensity until she lets him know what she likes best. An alternative position which I've found works great is where a woman is laying face down on her stomach. It's then easy to 'massage' her G-spot with your thumb either back and forth or in a circular motion. Both these positions also work well with the three sex toys I mentioned earlier.
  • And finally remember not all women can ejaculate or squirt. Don't try too hard! If you 'over think' it or focus too much on trying to make it happen then the pressure may kill the moment. Keep doing what you're doing and one day it'll probably just happen. Thereafter it'll be easy. And if it never happens you'll still have a lot of fun trying :)

Apart from the potential mess on the bed (if you're not prepared with towels etc), you'll usually both need a shower after a woman has ejaculated or squirted. And the woman may be somewhat dehydrated if she has expelled a lot of fluid particularly if it's been over a lengthy sex session.

So for those of you who have not yet experienced the exciting phenomena of female ejaculation or squirting then I urge you to consider giving it a go. And if you have any additional tips in relation to female ejaculation or squirting then please go ahead and share them by commenting. Whilst I have plenty of sexperience I'm not the sexpert on this topic. I'm always eager to hear from anyone who's willing to share their experiences and offer me, and readers of my blog, some advice.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


Karwa 12 October 2013 at 8:30 am
Storkist I always remember ringing you from Gero after my 1st squirting session, telling you how this girl peed all over me :-). Then you explaining how lucky I was to find a squirter, I have never looked back since ;-)
Black Swan 15 October 2013 at 5:43 am
Recently i have found a partner who can make me squirt....i thought it was female ejaculation, now i know there is a difference.I love the feeling but i cant help but feel a little embarrassment. My partner tells me he loves it....Call me naive but why do guys love it so much??
Takitoes 15 October 2013 at 6:26 am
That's because Gero girls know how to have fun ! ;)
RJBlue42 15 October 2013 at 8:21 am
@disqus_dbIVOh6B4U:disqus we guys love seeing our ladies enjoying our attention, and nothing is more obvious than our partner squirting/ejaculating. Don't you love to see your man cum?
Naughty69 15 October 2013 at 3:33 pm
Thanks heaps for this information i have been trying to find a mattress protector or a queen size bed for a little while now due to this happening, my husband loves it but i have been a little ashamed at times when it happens, i dont feel so bad [email protected]_dbIVOh6B4U:disqus apparently it feels awsome...... thats all i got told.
drewcilla 15 October 2013 at 4:29 pm
I was so nerves trying it with my husband because I also thought I was peeing on him but after watching movies and reading blogs I leant I wasn't and learnt to let go and now I/we just love it
Black Swan 16 October 2013 at 6:28 am
I absolutely do...good point well made.
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