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Ben Wa balls – also known as Orgasm balls

17 October 2013 3 comments

Last week I took my girlfriend Trace to dinner in the city. We parked about a five minute walk to the restaurant. I noticed the wicked smile on Trace's face the moment she stepped out of the car. Before we reached the restaurant her legs went weak, she shuddered a bit and she squeezed my hand harder. That's when she told me she'd inserted two Ben Wa balls before she left home and she wasn't wearing any panties. She'd experienced an orgasm before we'd even arrived at the restaurant. It was certainly a great start to the evening!

Ben Wa balls (sometimes called orgasm balls or geisha balls) have been around for many years but it was the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy that shot them to fame. I recently read that 97% of American women have now heard of them thanks to the trilogy. By July last year all Australian adult stores and wholesalers had sold out of the balls. Worldwide demand had sky rocketed to the point that manufacturers simply couldn't keep up. It was a few months later before we were able to stock them again at We were astounded at the amount of women coming into our stores asking for "those sex balls out of 50 Shades".

They're still popular today, but why?

Whilst using the balls is primarily about a women's pleasure their use also has significant health benefits. Gynecologists, doctors and sexologists often recommend women use the balls to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Unfortunately some women develop incontinence as they get older. Similar to Kegel exercises, Ben Wa balls are used to increase vaginal elasticity and to assist with bladder control.

Warning – Ben Wa balls should only be inserted vaginally not anally (due to the risk of them disappearing up the colon).

What do these balls look and feel like? They come in a variety of sizes, weights and are made of various materials. Sometimes two balls are joined together with nylon or chord to assist with their removal (although in theory this shouldn't be an issue as women can simply push them out using their vaginal muscles). Often some balls have a smaller heavier ball inside them which rocks back and forth if a woman is moving (with the balls inserted).

So how do women derive sexual pleasure from these balls?

The balls can be inserted at anytime. After insertion women can go for a walk, run, swim, to the gym, have sex or do whatever. They could even be worn all day (although not normally). Generally women start off with the bigger, lighter balls as they're easier to hold in (it's like trainer wheels on a bike). Then as their vaginal muscles strengthen they're able to use smaller and heavier balls. I have seen solid stainless steel balls about 15mm in diameter used (they're small and heavy... and I think the user needs to wear steel capped boots lest they let them drop out). The balls that have another smaller heavier ball inside of them seem to produce the most sexual pleasure as they stimulate the woman when she's moving with them inserted. As I've seen firsthand these types of balls can lead to orgasm quite quickly.

They're fantastic for solo play and of course for foreplay before a couple has sex. And they can actually be used whilst having intercourse (with no chance of them 'disappearing'). Women who use Ben Wa balls report they have stronger contractions during orgasm. Men of course love them due to the benefits they provide in vaginal strengthening. For many reasons, including health ones, they really are an investment for their future sex life!

LELO Luna Beads NoirLELO Luna Beads Noir

Years ago travelling through Thailand and seeing sex shows where women project ping pong balls, darts, marbles etc from their vaginas I simply thought these ladies were clever. I've come to realise that clearly they have very strong pelvic floor muscles from constant training. On a side note seeing these types of shows is more about the 'wow factor' than being turned on. Seeing a lady write a few sentences in what looked like perfect 'hand writing' with a pencil partly protruding from her vagina was very impressive! I suspect she did her own training and perhaps uses a type of Ben Wa balls.

I asked Mia who works in our office (she's the Assistant Sales Manager and was our best store manager for many years), if she has any stories from when she worked in stores and here's what she told me:

"Over the years of working in the stores I have seen many women, men and medical practitioners come into the store asking for balls. I remember being in our Tasmanian store once where we'd just commenced selling the Lelo Luna Beads (I still recommend these). Previously we used to sell the 'use only once' horrible corded Duo Balls! I had an older gentleman come into the store asking about balls to help increase pelvic floor muscles. I showed him the new Lelo Luna Beads and how they are a training system for your body. He went away and came back about an hour later and told me that I was very right and how impressed that he was with my knowledge and also how far these balls had now come. When he went to pay for them I noticed on his credit card it said 'Dr' when I asked him – he said, yes I am a Gynecologist and have been looking for something like this for years to recommend to his patients. I often tell customers this story if they are unsure about buying them.

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I remember one girl telling me that she was wearing her balls around home one day and forgot they were in, until she went to Bunnings with her boyfriend and coughed... the balls went rolling down the isle of Bunnings! Another time, a young mum was at the shops enjoying the pleasure of the balls gyrating around inside her, when she started to get that 'orgasmic feeling'. She went on to say that she had to find a quiet spot for some 'personal time'.

Ben Wa balls can be used by women whilst they're using sex toys and vibrators. They can also insert the vibrator or just use it to stimulate their clitoris, and the area around it, whilst they're using the balls. As an alternative I've used a remote controlled vibrating egg (my favourite is the Lelo Insignia Remote Control Lyla 2 Bullet Vibe) which is similar to using the balls however the egg is a bit bigger and vibrates... and I can control the on/off button, the tempo and the speed. Men – take my advice; this is another great toy for her to insert before heading out to dinner. You'll be rewarded tenfold when you get her back home to the bedroom!

I'm organizing a dinner party at home in a few weeks time. Ladies will be wearing lingerie and stilettos and men will be wearing... um... I'm not quite sure yet. I'm contemplating suggesting all ladies insert the balls before arrival. Dancing in the bar upstairs after dinner could be interesting!

I'd love to hear any stories or tips you have re using Ben Wa balls.

Delivering passion and pleasure.


Michelle Harvey 17 October 2013 at 1:53 pm
I was recommended to use these balls after I had my first child for strengthening and control after everything had healed...which worked a treat..a lot of fun was had also..I am now using the stainless steal ones because my mussels are so tight now... I have also had to slow down using them as when I orgasm I sometimes hurt my partner...due to the vaginal wall mussels there are ups n downs in using these ....
Joe 19 October 2013 at 4:39 pm
I'm a guy and despite what this article says you CAN use ben wa balls anally. Just make sure that you anchor the cord with something, unless you want what will inevitably be a very awkward hospital trip. I find looping the cord of my Lelo Luna Beads through and attaching to my Lelo cockring to work quite well.
Karine Watson 14 May 2014 at 2:59 pm
The main attraction is that Ben-Wa balls provide constant stimulation whenever you move and the motion of the balls is completely random so you never know what to expect and you never get accustomed to the sensations like one can with vibrators or other sex toys.Red Hot Nights
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