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26 March 2015 6 comments

A couple of months ago The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a report that concluded the female erogenous zone, known as the G-spot, doesn't exist. After reading exerts from the report I was left bewildered and confused! Whilst it's somewhat hard to challenge the results of a report compiled by academics and medical practitioners I find it difficult to assimilate their conclusion in relation to the existence of the G-spot. I think they're ignorant, naive and wrong!

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12 March 2015 2 comments

These days it's rare for me to come across new sex toys that are truly innovative and revolutionary. Whilst I regularly travel internationally to trade shows scouting for new products it's seldom that I discover any that leave me excited about their potential for sales. So when I received an email from a friend who distributes sex toys in Germany detailing the overwhelming sales success (they sold over 12,000 in the first 7 weeks) of a new product called the Womanizer my attention was piqued.

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