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27 November 2014 6 comments

When I recently canvassed the opinions of some of the female staff at in relation to what the etiquette was for women's orgasm I wasn't really surprised with their responses (nor their frowns). All believed there was no such etiquette required and that they should orgasm whenever the opportunity arose without any considerations whatsoever. I then asked a few guys at my local gym (over pre workout double espressos) what they thought about a woman's orgasm etiquette. The first two guys, who clearly had a sense of humour, responded with a question - "can women actually orgasm?" The next couple of guys were more insightful and gave me some food for thought.

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13 November 2014 7 comments

When and where men ejaculate are important considerations. No woman wants to experience the hair gel look that Cameron Diaz displayed in the hit movie There's Something About Mary. And most women don't like a surprise when it comes to a man's orgasm.

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