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25 September 2014 8 comments

A few years back I was faced with a quandary - I'd broken up with a long term girlfriend and my headspace dictated that I wasn't ready to jump straight back into another committed relationship, however as an energetic guy with a strong libido I needed a sexual outlet other than self loving. I was out at a bar one night discussing the problem with a female friend, who I'd been friends with for a number of years, when the subject of friends with benefits was broached. After many more drinks together that night we ended up in my bed and so began our friends with benefits hookup.

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11 September 2014 9 comments

Very late at night a few years ago, whilst roaming the infamous red-light district of Amsterdam, I found myself staring incredulously into the eyes of an attractive prostitute who was in her early forties. We'd just had a long discussion about how many men she'd had sex with and I was wondering how she would explain her sexual history to any potential husband.

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