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7 August 2014 7 comments

I recently caught up with a friend of mine whom I called a 'Cougar'. She's in her forties, still very attractive, is divorced and has two teenage children. She'd been bragging to me about her young "gorgeous boyfriend" who was in his twenties when I suggested she was a cougar. They'd been dating for nearly a year. My assertion that she was a cougar was met with dismay and fierce rebuttal. In fact this is how she responded: "first of all let's get this straight Mal, I'm not a cougar! Just because I was married to someone 9 years younger than me and just because I'm currently involved with someone whose age has a 2 in front of it, whereas mine has a 4 in front, doesn't make me a cougar. In fact when I hear the word cougar it makes me think of a woman who goes out and preys on younger men. And this couldn't be further from the truth in my case!"

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