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26 June 2014 12 comments

"I always prefer to have sex with the average looking escorts rather than the hot model lookalikes!" This was my friend Amit's response when I asked him about the escorts he employed and in particular which ones he had sex with. Back in 2001 I was travelling back and forth to New York where I was finalizing a deal with Amit, the owner of one of New York's largest escort agencies, to create an online worldwide directory of escorts.

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19 June 2014 6 comments

"I think sometimes some guys may watch a bit too much porn and think that throwing women around the bed in a variety of positions and jack-hammering them is what we consider to be great no!" This was one of the many responses I received from a woman when I did a call out recently asking for what women regard as bad sex.

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12 June 2014 5 comments

Years ago, I had a gorgeous girlfriend who was a part time model. Whilst she wasn't the smartest girl I've dated she ticked most of the other boxes. Over time she became a great cook and excelled in the kitchen. She gave me regular massages, cleaned my house, ironed my shirts and was great in the bedroom with an insatiable sexual appetite. I loved taking her out and showing her off to my friends. They worshipped her and so did I for many months. She appeared to be the trophy girlfriend. I thought she was almost perfect.

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