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29 May 2014 5 comments

“In ancient Greek mythology it was important for a woman to feel the strength of a man in her labyrinth”. This is how the plaque read below a large painting of a unicorn mounting a naked woman. She was thrusting her slim hips forward whilst leaning back over a boulder. There was desire and a sexual urge in her eyes. And the unicorn was about to penetrate her with his huge phallus.

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22 May 2014 2 comments

Not long back at a black tie social event two young ladies introduced themselves to me. After confirming that I was the owner of one of the ladies proudly pronounced she had a rabbit vibrator and she was addicted to it. The other lady, not wanting to be out done, was quick to announce that she had a dolphin vibrator and a rabbit vibrator...and the rabbit vibrator made her squirt when she orgasmed. To my amazement this conversation took place in the first minute of us meeting. I remember thinking that this type of introduction never happened to me when I was a civil engineer.

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15 May 2014 5 comments

Recently a young guy rang the head office enquiring about massive dongs. Apparently he'd been into a number of our stores and couldn't find one big enough to accommodate his petite nineteen year old girlfriend's fetish for super large phallic shaped objects. We couriered him something which I believed ought to have been a door stopper. It was a sample we'd received a while back. Our admin staff had all laughed about the size (it was almost the size of a new born baby) and had packed away in the 'not for sale' box. To the utter amazement of our staff the guy's girlfriend rang a few days later raving about how great her new 'toy' was. For me the tale was almost too incredulous to be true. In fact I likened the insertion of it by her to a David Copperfield magic trick.

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8 May 2014 7 comments

A few weeks back a friend arrived at my doorstep crying and shaking uncontrollably. He'd just found out his wife of eight years had been cheating on him with multiple men over an extended period of time. They've been together for fifteen years and have young children. His world changed the moment he confronted her about her infidelity.

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1 May 2014 3 comments

A soft cock isn't much use to anyone! At an adult industry event in Las Vegas a few years back, I asked a male porn star if he, or other male porn stars he worked with, had any problems getting or maintaining erections. His response was “of course I do, just like all men do from time to time”. This surprised me a bit as I believed a male porn star would have ‘excelled' in this area. He then went on to tell me how women (usually referred to as fluffers) were often employed by film producers to keep male stars aroused between scenes. They usually did this by performing oral sex on them.

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