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24 April 2014 8 comments

Years ago, I had a girlfriend who just laid there in bed waiting for me to turn her on without reciprocating. After debating with myself afterwards, I was often left confused as to whether or not she was really into me, whether she was stone cold frigid or just inexperienced in the art of pleasure. She was certainly affectionate – until we were naked. For the first few months of seeing each other I'm not sure if she realised I even had a cock as she never touched it. I could have in fact been inserting a vibrator or wearing a strap on dong for all she knew.

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17 April 2014 1 comment

Last Thursday I arrived at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast in preparation for the tenth annual AdultEx business to business trade show. Held over three days the trade show provides those involved in the adult toy and products business the opportunity to meet and interact. Hosted by Calvista, Australia and New Zealand's largest distributor of adult toys and products, AdultEx brings together local retailers with leaders and representatives of the world's major manufacturers.

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10 April 2014 10 comments

Should a real man trim or remove hair from and around his groin? Up until a few years ago this was probably only something gay men would do however these days it's becoming more prevalent with straight men. Why are more men becoming obsessed with 'manscaping'? And what do women think about it?

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3 April 2014 3 comments

One reader, in response to my post last week, thought I was suggesting the easiest way for a man to improve his libido was to get a new younger girlfriend. Whilst this may in fact increase a man's sexual desire in some instances I certainly wasn't advocating he take this course of action.

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