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27 February 2014 1 comment

Last week I covered off what I think are the most important "Do's" when it comes to swinging. I realise swinging isn't for all couples however for those who do like to, or are interested in actively sharing their partner with another couple, it's probably more important to understand the Don'ts than the Do's. Here are my views on the most important Don'ts:

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20 February 2014 2 comments

As a teenager, I remember hearing whispers of 'key parties'. Supposedly adult couples would attend these parties where later in the night the men would throw their car keys in the swimming pool. The women would then dive in and surface with a set of keys. Whoever the keys belonged to, was who she'd willingly have sex with. Maybe these parties were simply the figment of imagination of young teenage boys.

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13 February 2014 6 comments

Last Saturday night I was out for dinner at a hip restaurant with a group of friends when table talk turned to the topic of sex toys. As we'd all had a few drinks I was rather concerned that the discussion would spill over to tables close to us as they were certainly within earshot. Unfortunately, it did spill over. As I headed to the bar post eating I was confronted by a woman who wanted me to tell her about the new We-Vibe. She asked me how quickly it could make her orgasm and went on to tell me about her sex toys that she loves and frequently uses. She'd overheard the conversation at the table. I'm still amazed at how open and frank some people, who I don't know, can be when it comes to discussing sex toys with me in random locations like a restaurant or bar.

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6 February 2014 5 comments

A few years ago I was driving through Times Square in New York when I looked up and was confronted with a huge billboard that featured a gorgeous model wearing a Wonderbra. There she and her glorious breasts were with the caption below reading: She can't cook...who cares! I remember wondering at the time if such eye popping cleavage could in fact replace culinary skills. In the short term they probably could!

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