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31 October 2013 4 comments

A few weeks ago I went for a massage at a new massage centre close to my offices. I know you're probably thinking that I went for a 'special massage' but no, I requested a deep tissue sports massage (I try and get at least one a week). The massage was great! At times I was wincing in pain as she used her elbows to push hard into my lower back and my upper legs. I turned over onto my back where she then massaged the front of my body. By the end I'd drifted off in a blissful twilight zone and was day dreaming. Then to my utter surprise I was jolted fully alert after she slid a lubed up finger into my anus.

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24 October 2013 9 comments

A few years ago, whilst I was at a social function, an associate of mine introduced me to his wife. Within five minutes, whilst still in her presence, he was boasting to me about how he and his wife usually slept 'spooning style' and that he often used to just "slip it into her ass while she was asleep". At the time I remember thinking to myself that surely the wife wasn't keen on being abruptly awoken in the middle of the night in such a fashion. I also remember thinking that people never discussed their sex lives so candidly with me when I was a civil engineer!

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17 October 2013 3 comments

Last week I took my girlfriend Trace to dinner in the city. We parked about a five minute walk to the restaurant. I noticed the wicked smile on Trace's face the moment she stepped out of the car. Before we reached the restaurant her legs went weak, she shuddered a bit and she squeezed my hand harder. That's when she told me she'd inserted two Ben Wa balls before she left home and she wasn't wearing any panties. She'd experienced an orgasm before we'd even arrived at the restaurant. It was certainly a great start to the evening!

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10 October 2013 7 comments

One particular night when I was in my mid 20's I found myself in unfamiliar territory; I was performing oral sex on my girlfriend when all of a sudden she forcibly expunged large volumes of clear fluid. Apart from soaking my face, hair, upper body and bed linen I accidentally swallowed a lot of the fluid and nearly choked! I remember chastising her thinking she'd urinated on me. She then explained to me that it wasn't urination. Unwittingly I was witness to the phenomena colloquially known as squirting or gushing.

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3 October 2013 5 comments

When I was in my early twenties I went along to a party with a buddy of mine, Paul. He introduced me to his cousin, Steve. Later that night Steve and I found ourselves flirting with a girl whom we'd met at the party. I remember the girl going to the bathroom and Steve and I haggling over who was going to 'try their best with her'. Before she arrived back we'd decided that we should "join forces" so to speak. Somehow or other the three of us ended up in my bed that night. It turned out to be the first threesome experience for all of us and luckily for all of us it was fantastic. It was random, unexpected and totally hot.

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