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27 June 2013 3 comments

We've all been there! When you first meet a new partner you have sex multiple times a day...but as the years go by the frequency of having sex diminishes rapidly (for most couples). It's an affliction that, over time, affects every couple! Why is this? This morning I had a Skype call for an hour with Dr Ava from Los Angeles (one of the leading sexperts in the US... see and I asked her this question. Her response was simply "familiarity".

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20 June 2013 13 comments

I knew last week's post re my views on cheating was going to be controversial but I didn't realise the magnitude and depth of comments nor the level of debate it would incite! Apart from many comments in open forums like Facebook I also received many private msg's and emails. By Friday night, and with so many msg's, my head was spinning...and then I received a txt msg from a close friend who is married; "are you in town Mal...I'd like you to meet my girlfriend".

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13 June 2013 2 comments

Like it or not it's prevalent in our society today! No one wants it to happen to them...and in many instances they simply wouldn't know if it was. I realize I'm going out on a limb here by giving you my views...but here goes.

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6 June 2013 4 comments

I just spent an email free long weekend with my girlfriend Tracey at my holiday beach house in Yallingup and it had me thinking about work, life and sex balance. Most people simply call it work–life balance. I of course have added the term sex to the phrase. Sex would normally be included within the term life but I think it then gets lost to some degree with all the other facets of 'life'. I think 'sex' needs to be let me enlighten you why.

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